Why is Direct Mail Marketing Still Relevant in the Automotive Industry

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    Apr 26, 2013
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Automotive Consumer Utilization of Digital Resources
Automotive Consumer Utilization of Digital Resources
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In the age of modern day marketing, direct mail marketing is often considered outdated and unnecessary. But not many critics of this system know that it is probably the most cost effective strategy that can deliver your message directly to your targeted customer. For those in doubt, here are some compelling reasons why direct mail marketing is relevant, especially in the automotive sector;

• Print, audio and video advertising are indeed an ideal way to reach intended audiences, but direct mail ensures that the relationship is direct. You can directly address the customer and explain to him or her about your service department, discounts or any other business propositions you have for them. Thus, rather than addressing thousands of people through newspaper or television, you get to refine your audience, and receive a more qualified individual. For example, are you looking to target only those who own a certain brand of car or those looking for a quality service department? Then direct mail marketing is the best choice. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on general marketing, it makes sense to spend that money on campaigns that directly reach the intended audiences.

• More often than not, direct mail marketing is never a onetime effort. Realizing this you hire an expert automotive direct mail company so that you never have to spend the time and energy in collating information about potential customers and building a mailing list.

• You also have the freedom to decide on the targeted audience. You can segregate customers according to their profile and target your mail campaign according to their category. Direct Mail campaigns are the most popular form of marketing to do this.

• Through your direct mail marketing campaign you can easily evaluate your ROI as well as the success of your campaign. The response is instant.

• When it comes to up-selling, there’s no better tool than direct mail marketing. For example, you can always contact customers to inform them about a product upgrade or a value-added service. Messages like these can always be conveyed when doing a direct mail campaign.

• There are so many different types of direct mail campaigns and mailing list options out there. Which means you can easily choose one that is best for you and your market area.

• When compared to other types of marketing strategies, direct mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective means of advertising.

• Even when the prospective customer may not need your service for the moment, you can be assured that some consumers hold onto that mailer for future reference. Thus, your campaigns are assured a longer shelf life.

• You can even personalize your message. For example, you can add the first/family name of the intended person on the mailer. And if the customer has a special interest, you can even add a special message that’s relevant to the customer’s particular interest and how you can tailor to their needs.

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