Role of CA Firms in Cross Country Business Progression

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    Nov 05, 2013
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Role of CA Firms in Cross Country Business Progression Photo by Terry Zimsen

Cross country businesses are creating great success stories. These are contributing to the global economy while still being profitable for their own nation. CA firms play a pivotal role in guiding these companies about international taxation laws and local taxation ideas to save in their profits and bring in more economic stability. Many Australian companies are now tying up with companies having business in Asia and other parts of the world.

Talking about the Asian subcontinent and primarily India, many newly formed small and medium scale industries are collaborating with their Australian counterparts to expand their global reach. The chartered accountants uphold the financial integrity of these firms and enrich the international capital markets. They are the legal advisors guiding the firms at each step of the business. This way, the scenario of business in Asia is going through a transformation.

Let's check out role of CA firms in international business progression:

Ruling out double taxation: If a company is having business in Asia and Australia, both the governments would charge tax from it. CA firms rule out this possibility by implementing taxation laws which are beneficial for their client firm. They save the company from the ambiguity of dual taxation. Thus, they save on a big chunk of income generated by the company.

Reduce worldwide tax liability: Multinational corporations face the issue of worldwide tax liability. Chartered accountants and tax specialists decrease these liabilities of their clients by minimising foreign credits payable to other jurisdictions. Considering companies having business in Asia and Australia, their worldwide tax liability can be reduced by proper guidance from CA firm.

Implementing tax treaties: Tax treaties are availed to cut down corporate income generated due to company offices in two different companies. This entire mechanism is managed by CA firms. The taxation specialists and associates resolve any issues between the business rules and streamline the working between different countries.

Resolving taxation disputes between business associates: Due to the difference in the government and trade policies, there are chances of taxation disputes between the business associates. Tax specialists  resolve these issues through legal procedures and find which party would pay the taxes. This way they help in smooth functioning of the business while still saving on the payable income.

To summarise, CA firms help you in dealing with your international business. They lay down scissors on your taxable income by guiding you properly about the tax related processes and legislative rules. So, if you are based in Australia with business in Asia or any other part of the world, the first step to take is hire expert CA professionals for your company.

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