Understanding RTI: Some Hassle Free Payroll Solutions

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    Jul 05, 2013
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Ever since RTI (Real Time Information) was introduced for the payroll system earlier this year, there’s been a lot of confusion about the process. In fact, study conducted by the Crunch Accounting has estimated that ‘only one in five businesses is aware of the new system and are prepared for it’. A further 45% admit that they have no idea about RTI. And those who are aware are confused and overwhelmed about how it works. Read further to know more about RTI, its impact, and some hassle free payroll processing solutions in implementing the system:

What is RTI?

The HMRC now requires companies to send information of payments and deductions every month (or as per the pay roll frequency) - even before employees are paid their new wages. This is made in two types; Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Submission. While the former provides information about the employees, the latter provides information such as BASC hash code, passport numbers, payroll ID etc.

Impact of RTI

There are manifold benefits of implementing the system. For one, employers need not worry about complex HMRC reporting requirements; RTI is much simpler. Employees on the other hand get to keep their tax information up to date, rather than worrying about it just once in a year. As for the HMRC, this is the best solution to avoid the millions of pounds lost due to benefit frauds. Unfortunately, the system is a little all over the place now; reports indicate that more than a quarter of transactions have been wrong. This could be devastating for millions of families depending tax credits. But there’s no going back on the implementation process; the HMRC has warned businesses to update the software latest by April.

Hassle Free Solutions

A payroll bureau now provides hassle free solutions that intend to solve problems related to RTI. This is ideal for those who do not have the time or patience to understand the payroll software. These companies can help you produce the payroll prints and payslips, make RTI filings, and make HMRC remittances. All that you have to do is to pay them a specified amount. Rather than bother about entering wrong details or worry about facing fines due to late submissions, it makes sense to let a professional payroll outsourcing company handle this for you. The RTI system is still being fine tuned; payroll outsource companies are aware of these changes. Their information can be very useful to SMEs. For instance, not many know that a penalty for late submission can be avoided when the business promises to make full and unprompted disclosure.

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