Benefits Of Car Insurance For Women

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    Sep 03, 2014
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Benefits Of Car Insurance For Women Photo by Akash Naidu

Usually women tend to more careful while driving. This can be seen from the fewer number of claims women file each year as compared to men. In this article I have talked about the benefits of car insurance policies for women.
Women get the advantage of lower premium
Since women tend to be more careful while driving and have lesser claims, they’re entitled to receive car insurance coverage at lower premium than men!
However, there are evidences of women driving aggressively which enhances the chances of road accidents. Hence, if you want to benefit from a lower premium on your car insurance then make sure you drive safe and maintain a good driving record which is accident-free.
There are certain reasons why women are enabled to get lower premiums on their car insurance. car insurance companies in India offer low-cost coverage options for women for 3 major reasons.
The 3 major reasons why car insurance companies offer low-cost coverage for women are as follows-
#Cautious drivers-
Statistics reveal that women tend to more careful while driving! Hence, this is one reason why women get car insurance policies at lower premium rates. However, if a woman has a bad driving record then she may have to pay higher premium. Hence, the key is to drive safe and maintain a good driving record to avail further discounts and stay safe!
#Higher impact damages Vs lower impact damages
• This is an interest fact to be considered. As discussed above men are more prone towards rash driving than women.
• Rash driving increases the chances of higher impact damages to the vehicle like a severe damage to the car.
• The other types of vehicle damages are the kinds of small dents & scratches which occur due to minor motoring mistakes. These kinds of damages are known as lower impact damages.
• The higher impact damages cause considerable damage to the vehicle. This enhances the price of car insurance as observed in the cases of rash driving.
#Adherence to traffic rules
This is another reason for women’s eligibility to receive car insurance at lower premium rates than men. Men are more likely to cause various types of roads & traffic violations which result in more number of fines. This causes insurance companies to charge greater premium charges. Here there’s one more catch. The tendency of men driving is more while travelling with their women partners. In such a situation, men are at a greater risk towards committing any kind of offence!
Some more interesting facts-
• Statistics reveal that women benefit from 30% lesser premium as compared to their men counterpart. This is due to the lesser tendency of women towards the unprecedented risks.
• Government statistics also reveal that 92% of the total lawsuits filed for various driving offenses are committed by men.
• The above facts place women to be more law-abiding citizens than men.
• The insurance companies consider women to be less risky. This is because of the entirely diverse and prudent driving habits women have as compared to men.
After reading this article, aren’t you not feeling proud to be a woman?

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