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    May 30, 2013
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Night At The County Fair - Denver-Lancaster, PA
Night At The County Fair - Denver-Lancaster, PA
Photo by Bob Jagendorf

When you start to research the events in Lancaster PA, you may notice the name Dutch County comes up a lot. The many organizations that advertise Lancaster PA attractions like to use the name of the county because it symbolizes so much about the area. The name comes from the original Dutch settlers who came to the area and left their mark. The Amish people carry on many of the customs of those early settlers and the Amish have also become popular festival hosts as well.

One of the Lancaster, PA attractions that brings in people from all over the area is The Great Pennsylvania FlavorFest. It gets its name from the fact that it is used to show the diversity in food and drink that Lancaster has. This is one of the newer events in Lancaster, PA, but it brings people in to sample the local cuisine and the wines. There are wine tours and the restaurants in the area have tasting specials that people enjoy for an entire weekend.

If you want to get involved in one of the more unique Lancaster, PA attractions, then sign up for one of the Guided Covered Bridge Tours that are offered all spring, summer and fall. The Lancaster area is world famous for its covered bridges and that is why this is one the more popular events in Lancaster, PA. The locals will tell you that the best time to take the tour is during the fall because of the colorful leaves. The truth is that this is a great event to take advantage of whenever you can during three of the four seasons of the year.

When you want to get involved in one of the Lancaster, PA attractions that people talk about all year long, then take part in the Railroading In Pennsylvania event in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Many of the events in Lancaster, PA go out of their way to highlight the historical elements that the people of the area are most proud of. The Lancaster area has a long history with the railroad system and that history comes alive throughout the spring, summer and fall in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. You do not need to make an appointment, but you should call ahead to see if there is a space available in the time you are thinking of visiting. This is a unique event that the Lancaster residents are most proud of.

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