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    Nov 08, 2012
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Saint Martin is an island in the Caribbean with a unique feature. The island is split into two. The French govern one part and the other is part of the Netherlands. Philipsburg is the capital on the Dutch side, while Marigot is the capital of the French side. This island is famous for its rocky coves and sandy beaches. It is a popular destination with cruise ships.

On the Dutch half of the island, there is an international airport where many flights to Saint Martin land and take off from the US and the Netherlands. US Airways offers non-stop flights from the United States. There are also intercontinental flights from Europe and Asia, such as Air France, British Airways, Air China and China Airlines. Cheap flights to Saint Martin are available from other Caribbean destinations as well.

A number of tour operators and travel websites offer cheap flight deals to people, who want to spend an idyllic vacation in this Caribbean paradise. On reaching the island, they can even go for a Caribbean cruise.

There are many things to see and do on the island. The Butterfly Farm gives an opportunity to walk through a meshed enclosure full of brightly colored butterflies. Pic du Paradis is the highest point on the island and offers panoramic views of the island and the ocean. This is a wonderful place for a day tour, especially if visitors carry a picnic hamper.

The biggest attraction on the island is the sandy beaches. One of the most popular beaches is the Maho Bay, which is located close to the airport. The other beach frequented by tourists is the Mullet Bay Beach. There are a lot of adventure sports and activities available on these beaches, such as parasailing, scuba diving and even snorkeling. On the Dutch side of the island there are casinos. They offer a good opportunity to try your luck and spend some of the money saved by way of cheap tickets to Saint Martin. The other popular beach in the island is the Orient Bay. It has soft, satiny sand and a lot of water sports to offer. It doubles up as a naturalist beach too.

A good way of moving around the place would be to hire a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Vacationers can even opt for a car rental and enjoy the drive. The roads are in fairly good condition and the distances are rather negligible. There are local groups that take out their bikes and hold weekly rides. Tourists are more than welcome to be a part of these rides, as the locals are extremely friendly and hospitable.

The French side of the island offers a more sophisticated experience with high-end shops and restaurants. The Dutch side is less expensive, with all the casinos and colorful nightlife. There is no official border or customs between the two parts of the island. One thing common to both the territories is the abundance of sun and sand.

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