Fixed Deposits And The Different Options Available

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    Oct 09, 2013
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Fixed Deposits And The Different Options Available Photo by Aishwarya Mahurkar

Banks these days offer us a lot of fixed deposits based on our requirements. Choosing the right one for our situation ensures that we get the most benefited from our funds. Compare all the options offered, and all the banks that provide fixed deposit accounts to know that you’re not going to lose out on something better. When it comes to investments, compare  is a must. Know all the advantages and disadvantages of fixed deposits in India and make the smartest choice. The diversity that’s being offered will ensure that you find an option that seems almost tailor made to your situation. Don’t compromise and settle for second-best, choose the best fixed deposit  and make sure you have no regrets.

Regular Fixed Deposits For Individuals:

These fixed deposits  can be availed by anyone. You can invest in these schemes usually from around 14 months to 84 months and gain interest accordingly. Since some finance companies have a specific minimum deposit amount, it’s advisable to speak to them and know what exactly their terms are. From Rupees 10,000 to Rupees 2,500,000, you can invest as much you wish to from your savings. Interest rates vary accordingly and to get the most returns, a conversation with the finance company is a must.

Fixed Deposits For Women:

These fixed deposit schemes offer women higher rates of interest than the standard option and ensure that their funds are well invested. With a minimum deposit of Rupees 10,000, you can ensure that you invest as much as you like without any stress. Women senior citizens usually get an even higher rate of interest and speaking to several banks about these options ensures that you get nothing less than you deserve. The tenure for these fixed deposits can usually be lower than the alternates, so make sure you know how long your scheme is going to last.

Low Amount Fixed Deposits:

These fixed deposits, exactly as the name suggest, are for individuals who don’t want to invest a large amount of money. If you wish to start off your fixed deposit account with just Rupees 500, you can do so as well. No matter what the reason, whether you want to test the finance company or are unsure about investing all your funds, go ahead and use these fixed deposit schemes and ensure that you have no doubts and worries.

With so many fixed deposit varieties, you have no shortage of options. Go ahead, speak to banks and financial institutions and find the perfect account for you. Your money is waiting to grow!

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