Reasons Why You Need To Pay Your Taxes

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    Nov 22, 2012
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Many people view paying of taxes as a nuisance that could be better off avoided. This however is a wrong attitude that should not be encouraged. It is important to understand that the public utilities and amenities that you enjoy from the government are all paid for. This means that the government has to get resources from somewhere. In simple terms, it can be said that paying taxes is being self reliant.

It is unfair to expect better services from the government while in return; you do not want to make your personal contribution towards enhancing the delivery of such services. It is important that the government has numerous obligations towards the citizens but their only means to fulfilling these objectives is by taxing the citizens.

Once you have paid your taxes, you can be comfortable to sit back and demand for proper services. Roads and communication networks should all be in good condition if life is to be bearable in any given area. This is a collective responsibility that we all have to pay for through the remission of taxes.

Security is an important aspect in life. Whether you want to run a business or just to live peacefully in any place, you will require a secure place where you can conduct your transactions without any tension. This is the role of the police as well as the other armed forces. These are service men that also need their payment from the government and therefore taxes must be collected to ensure all services are delivered.

Types of taxes

There is also the need to understand how taxation works. There are different categories of taxation with income tax being the most common. Besides income tax, you also get taxed indirectly when you buy items from any local store. With this system, the government imposes some levy on all items categorized as taxable. Perhaps some of the only exempt items are foodstuffs just to mention one.

When you want to do business dealing in foreign products, you are also expected to pay some duty to import certain products. This is a smart way of ensuring the control of any incoming goods. The government has systems of determining what import goods are taxable and which ones are not. These are often reviewed frequently to ensure that the laws on taxation remain relevant to the economic trends of the moment.

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