How Do Solar Panels Work?

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    Jan 11, 2013
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You might have heard the name of solar panels at lot more places. You might have heard that these solar panels reduce the electricity bill to a great extent. This is the reason why use of solar panels is getting popular these days.

What are solar panels?

Doesn’t matter you call them photovoltaic cells or modules; they are basically an interconnection network of various cells grouped together in such a way that they together work as a unit and produce electricity. They utilize the light energy that falls upon them from sun in order to produce electricity. These cells are arranged in a grid like pattern. Such cells are made up of elements like silicon.

How solar panels work?

It is quiet a logical question, that how solar panels work. What mechanism lies besides them which are able to convert the light energy of sun into electricity. Solar panels are made up of various solar cells which in turn are made up of silicon. Taking about the chemistry of silicon, it has our electrons in its valence shell. Valence shell is the last shell of an element which is responsible for sharing and donating of electrons. A valence shell must have eight electrons in its valence shell to obtain stability (leaving aside the case of exceptions!). Hence to get four more, it combines with another silicon atom which also has four electrons in its valence shell. As a result there is no positive or negative charge developed on the atom.

But for the generation of electricity, it is very essential to have some positive or negative charge. Positive and negative charge is then created with the help of another atom which has fewer electrons in its valence shell. Phosphorus just has three as a result, a negative charge is created. And for creating a positive charge, it is made to combine with boron.

Two plates are created in this manner. One consists of silicon and phosphorous and other contains silicon and boron. Both these plates are then sandwiched together. This creates a solar panel. There is an appropriate wiring in between. The negative plates are arranged in such a way that when they make an angle of 90 degree with the rays of the sun, electricity is created by emission of photon.

Why one should switch to solar panels?

It is a renewable source of energy and won’t die out. Also, since it is cheap as compared to normal electricity we have in our houses. You are not required to pay any bill here as sun’s energy is available free of cost round the year. However, there are just starting installation charges, after this is done; there is no much after maintenance. But since, there are times when sun doesn’t come in sky due to poor weather conditions like winters and lightning. There is provision for that also. These days there are some panels which will store the energy for after use.

The author has an immense knowledge on how to make a solar panel. Know more about make your own solar panels related info in his website.

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The author has an immense knowledge on how to make a solar panel. Know more about make your own solar panels related info in his website.

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