Critical Chain Project Management and How it Can Aid Your Construction

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    Nov 05, 2012
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Project management is a highly complex subject and by its very nature there are many different factors and a lot of things that potentially can go wrong. Of course however the whole idea of project management is to prevent things going wrong – and to get the multiple factors surrounding any project under control so that there are fewer confounding variables and unexpected surprising – this is one situation where surprises aren't a good thing.

Project management can apply to a range of different things. Of course this often applies to physical project management – specifically things like buildings and other construction work – because these are large projects that a lot of businesses undertake; though it can also apply to a range of different situations.

If you are planning some building work, then using project management services can help a great deal and aid you in making sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Unless your business is in the construction industry you are unlikely to have a lot of experience when it comes to planning these kinds of projects, but it's still highly crucial as in any area of business that you try to do your construction efficiently and that you cut costs and overheads where necessary.

In this case, project management services and development companies can help you with:

Feasibility studies

Locating development sites

Acquiring the land and materials

Finding contractors and workers

Design Management

And a lot more...

One great way to get a better understanding of project management is to look at an example of a project management concept – 'The Critical Chain'.

Critical Chain Project Management

The Critical Chain is a form of management that places the emphasis on getting the resources necessary to execute tasks. In the critical chain then you make sure that you keep the resources loaded levelly and ensure that they are flexible so that more or less can be acquired quickly to suit demand. Here a Critical Chain project 'network' is created, and this is made up of tasks and task chains.

This idea comes from the 'Theory of Constraints'  which discusses the idea that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In this context then, any shortage in supply, or problems performing a particular task on which others rely.

Using critical chain project management then, services can help to plan ahead for all contingencies – making sure that no such problems arise in the first place, but also helping you to prioritise and to switch effectively between tasks as necessary. Studies have shown that in other project management methods, 30% of all lost time is due to wasteful time strategies, poor multitasking, leaving things to the last minute and shortages in the supply chain.

By using a project management service then applying these principles, you can ensure that your entire project is planned out in such a way that all your tasks will be able to be carried out without interruption and that you can deal with any problems when they do arise without losing time or wasting money.

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