How Easigo Car Accident Claims Company can Help in a Road Accident

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    Oct 15, 2013
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How Easigo Car Accident Claims Company can Help in a Road Accident Photo by Mr Williams Easigo

According to national statistics, a car accident occurs every 10 seconds. While being a safe and alert driver drastically reduces the risk of becoming a statistic, there is no guarantee that a collision won't take place. A collision can result in multiple scenarios that range from minor vehicle damage to serious bodily injury. Whatever the case, there will be some hardships ahead not to mention some serious logistical hurdles with the insurance companies. To make the process run more smoothly on your end, you may want to consider hiring a car accident claims expert, to handle your accident insurance claim.

Who are Easigo Car Accident Claims Company?
Easigo car accident claims company is simply a company that helps you sort through the logistical nightmare associated with handling a carinsurance accident claim. They will work with the insurance companies involved and help you navigate through any paperwork and documents that need to be filled out and signed. It is also their job to contact third party insurers and take legal action in the event they dispute the liability. Accident claims companies will take any necessary action that includes gathering eyewitnesses, bringing in accident reconstruction experts and funding court appearances if need be.

What can Easigo Car Accident Claims Company can do for You
A car crash can result in several hardships both short and long-term depending on the severity of the crash. Easigo car accident claims company will be able to help you with the following:

- Courtesy Car- If your car received considerable damage, then you will need to get a replacement car while awaiting repairs. A claims company can coordinate with a car rental company near your area so that a car is supplied to your home or place of work. There are no fees to pay.
- Cash Settlement - In the event that your vehicle is beyond repairable, a claims company can help you receive a cash settlement based on the value of the car.
- Medical - If you sustained bodily injury as a result of the crash, the company will also arrange for medical evaluation and therapy.
- Uninsured drivers - The company can also handle claims involving a collision caused by an uninsured or foreign driver.

It is normally recommended to seek guidance from an accident claims expert rather than letting your insurance company handle the situation. Your insurer normally only has one thing in mind and that is to make a profit. This means that they are going to go with a course of action that benefits them rather than what is in your best interest. They may, for example, try to convince you to get your car repaired because they receive a commission from the repairers. They may persuade you to go this course even if it would be better to simply go for a cash settlement.

Easigo Claims for Commercial Vehicles
Easigo car accident claims company also provide services for commercial vehicles. This includes companies that operate taxi cabs, limousines and shuttle buses. Small and medium-sized fleet operators typically need to rely on their insurance brokers to handle a non-fault accident claim, which often times take longer than anticipated. This could result in delayed repairs and force the company to limit the scope of its service, which means loss revenue.

You can also file a claim if you were injured while riding a motorcycle, scooter or other two-wheeled motor vehicle. Most of the rules are the same regarding motorbikes as they are with a car. You will still be eligible for a vehicle rental and cost of repairs or cash settlement. Protective gear like your helmet, boots and leather jacket can also be covered if they sustained significant damage.

How Much does Easigo Car Accident Claims Companies Charge for Their Service?
Unlike attorneys, which charge a flat fee by the hour or receive a small percentage of your settlement, Easigo car accident claim company does not charge a penny. Easigo make their money from the other party's insurer. For their client, this means that they will not have to pay any policy excess or will have to give up a percentage of their claims bonus. There are never any "success" fees charged as is the case with most law firms.

How Much Can You Receive From a Claim handled by Easigo?
There is no uniform answer here as the amount of compensation you are entitled to differs depending on multiple factors. This may include the following variables:

- Severity of damage to your vehicle
- Extent of injuries and how it would affect your quality of life
- Loss wages due to the injury

The claim company will speak with the other party's insurer to try to come to a settlement that both sides believe is fair. The matter, however, may need to be settled in court in the event that both sides are unable to come to an agreement. While your claim representative will handle the negotiations, remember that it is your case and you have the final say whether you want to agree to the insurer's offer or seek for a higher compensation in court.

Consult With Easigo Car Accident Claims Service
Regular commuters spend an average of six years of their lives behind the wheel. The odds of being in a collision at some point are very high. It is an inherent risk you have to put up with in exchange for freedom of commuting. The question is not even so much a matter of "if" but "when" an accident will occur. In the event it does, you want a claims expert by your side who can handle all the complex logistical hurdles and perform all the negotiating with the other party and their insurer.

Easigo Car Accident Claims are the UK Experts for non fault accident claims; free car hire, no insurance policy excess, and maximum injury compensation. With this company, there is no financial risk on your end and everything to gain, so it is worth contacting a claims expert just to get their input on the circumstances surrounding the accident and whether there are grounds for filing a car insurance claim. You can also speak with a representative over the phone if you just want a second opinion rather than solely rely on an insurance agent's word.

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