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    Sep 07, 2012
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Stronghold Kingdoms is an online game which might look "simple" when you first download and go into the game but it can get quite complex, lots of in game drama fights over land betrayal by those you trust and wars have been started over a minor insult.

Firefly studious in my opinion has done a splendid job with taking the stronghold hit series and creating an online version of the game, there are many differences from the single player Stronghold kingdoms is a standalone game loosely based on the single player. Currently there are more then 1 million registered players for the game the admin is very active unlike other games i have played in SHK when a ticket is sent for a complaint or a game issue the admin get back in less then 10 mins very fast and good service.

There are minor bugs of course as the game is still in beta stage but it has improved a lot from almost the 2 years i have been playing it, being a real time strategy game it can get quite addictive at times especially when at war. But there are aspects in the game for all sorts of gamer's casual players can build villages and play the game as a farmer building villages and taking care of the needs of the populace in the villages, those who want more glory, honour and the chance at high positions including sheriff, governors and kings the road is long but it is a extremely fun building alliances spreading your influences by taking more parishes and controlling vast areas of land with friends.

The war part of the game is something that takes a bit of time to get used, anyone can send out armies but only those who do the proper military researches and learn how to fight will excel at war in the game, player names become legend in SHK when a player fights well he gains lots of respect.

There is one aspect which i find highly inadequate, the mailing system in game. For casual players this wont be a concern but for players who hold positions the mail box can become a nightmare, in my opinion there should be a world chat on the screen of the game as is usual in other games. Even though there is a chat it is hardly used because it is a pop up - a separate screen.

Emotions can run high in the game (even though it is almost like a browser game though not played in your browser but downloaded and opened from your PC) loyalties can be tested, it might take you a month to build up a village and it could be razed in a few minutes. People you have known for a long time can easily switch factions taking vast areas of land with them.

There are 20 houses each house being able to take in 12 factions each faction being able to hold about 40 members. Overall this game is indeed very playable and a very good gaming experience. I would recommend it to anyone who loved the single player stronghold games.
This online experience will take your stronghold gaming experience a step higher.

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