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    Dec 14, 2012
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Change is the only constant is a very famous saying. It certainly holds truth in every scenario and in every facet of life, education is no different. The education system that we see or experience today has not been the way it is, since its inception. In fact, it has been changing ever since its inception to suit the changing needs of the society. To suit the needs of the present scenario, in the education system of the present time a new concept of online education has emerged.

Since the introduction of online education there has been a lot fuss over its effectiveness. In this article I would lay down some of the factors on which the effectiveness of the online education depends upon. Below is the key list-

1. Layout of the course: The layout of the Sage Training determines the effectiveness of online education to a great extent. The plain graphical structure of the course with a poor layout would not be as effective as a course with animations and embedded videos. The interactive the course layout would be the efficient the entire course would be. A good layout takes the course content to a different level altogether, whereas a course with quality content but poor layout might not at all be effective.    

2. Sincerity of students: The effectiveness of the online courses depends on the sincerity of the students too. Unlike the traditional form of education there is no teacher to direct a student in the online education format. Students need to be self disciplined and must adhere to the optimal level of sincerity to study through the online educational courses effectively. Many students often indulge in chatting over internet, gaming, surfing etc and hence fail to study efficiently online.    

3. The environment around: The environment around the pursuer of online education plays a critical role in the effectiveness of the online training. Most of the times students pursue online educational courses from home and hence the environment around must be peaceful. Parents must make sure that the ambience remains calm while their children pursue online training so that the entire online course can be absorbed by their children to the maximum of their capabilities.  

4. The nature of the course: Further the nature of the course also matters, when it comes to the effectiveness of the course. An online course for teaching theoretical concepts to the students would be much effective than an online course for imparting practical concepts. For practical learning students must experience practical learning, no virtual graphics can substitute that.      

Compared to the students indulged in traditional education format, the students indulged in the online education are more sincere. While most students in traditional settings study just because their parents have paid for that, those students which opt for online education study because they are sincere. That is the reason why they buy extra money to study; they don’t necessarily do that otherwise. To sum up I must quote that several recent studies have shown that students with online learning emerged as much more knowledgeable than their traditional counterparts. 

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