Why Jumping Castle Hire Brisbane is the in Thing

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    Jan 19, 2014
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Why Jumping Castle Hire Brisbane is the in Thing Photo by Jackson  Brys

Jumping castles have evolved! Once, such a device was too large to fit into the average backyard; you only saw them at public events such as shows and fetes. These days they are smaller and decorated with licensed characters to make them look really attractive. And being a little smaller they can certainly fit into most backyards for a child’s party. When it comes to jumping castle hire, Brisbane has the best castles of all.

All kids love to jump around in a bouncy castle, but there comes a time in a child’s life – especially boys – where they would not want to be seen enjoying themselves in a fairy princess castle. However, mothers don’t have to worry as they can order a pirate or Batman castle for their sons’ birthdays.

There are other changes in today’s castles. Those big castles had a large area inside to jump around in, but nothing else. Today, each castle has a slide with an enclosed ladder for safety and a ball hoop for extra fun and games. How much fun is that! And of course, they also have safety netting so that children cannot accidentally bounce out onto the hard ground and sustain an injury.

In addition, these castles do not have those tent pegs that stretch way out and trip people over, but are pegged close to the castle itself, making it very safe – and the area needed to erect it smaller. The material they are made of is fire retardant and the floor part is quite deep and strong so that even adults can bounce safely on it. Even the entry mat is softly padded to ensure that your kids remain safe at all times. The company in Brisbane that has these castles also offer jumping castle hire in Ipswich.

If you are looking for jumping castles in Brisbane you are sure to be able to find them without much trouble. They are ideal for fundraisers and other events as well as for birthday parties. In fact, for an event you can hire them with an attendant if you are short of staff to look after things.

What you need for a castle is a reasonably level – though not necessarily perfect – surface, an area of approximately 6x5 metres and an overhead space of just over 4 metres that is free from overhanging branches and power lines. They can go on any kind of surface from grass to road base or gravel to plain old dirt.

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