Five Essential Secrets of a Professional Musician

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    Mar 05, 2014
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Five Essential Secrets of a Professional Musician Photo by Abner Deniel

And if music has been your first choice for a career, then it might be even harder if you don’t have sound knowledge. You as professional musicians wanted to manage your professional life well, didn’t you?
Here with a few tips that might help you manage your profession just as well as your personal life:

Are you always late? This is not a very good idea

A lot of musicians miss this basic tip. There are lots of pros that do not keep track of time and arrive late at concerts, parties and events. Being punctual is the only way to do it right. Valuing your professional obligations and prioritizing them over personal life is what you all as professional musicians wanted to do.
If you are expected at an event, it is thought that arriving late grabs the attention of the entire audience.

However, in doing so, sometimes you might upset organizers and might leave the attendance waiting for your arrival for a little too long. Make sure that this does not happen and that you are there on time.

There are several advantages of adopting a Being Punctual strategy. You get ample time to warm up just before your performance. Also, it is very common for a band to have common misconceptions till the very last minute.

With you having ample time to warm up and plan your performance, it is likely you are going to clear out all misunderstandings just in time.

Finding the wrong equipment with you?

The last thing you as musicians wanted to know was the gear you packed for has something missing and/or is irrelevant. Don’t entrust the task of packing your gear to ANYBODY else but yourself. Respect your equipment and pack with great care.

Also, if you are expected to bring a range of drums/guitars or other equipment, it is better you list everything down. Tick-mark each item that is loaded on the van and. Load everything carefully, in proper amounts.
There are lots of people who would want you to give off some merchandise as well. Items such as copies of your most successful album CDs, hats, T-shirts, posters and even bracelets can give a nice impression.

Professional musicians do this quite a lot.
If you have a band that is going well on its way and is now a local star, you should consider giving away some autographed merchandise for free.

How easily can employers reach you?

This helps for work to get to you and not the other way around. The wider your social circle is and the better you are networking with other professional musicians in the industry, the brighter the chances of finding the right gig.

There are so many things over the internet that are completely free today, such as social media accounts, having online chat apps such as Skype and Viber, having multiple email accounts and also, having your own blog.

Musicians wanted to contact you; they will know where to find you and how to get in touch. The more options you provide to them, the better your chances are of getting contacted soon.

Also, in today’s highly competent music industry, communication is considered key. Effective communication skills are very important if you are to survive tough competition that the chart-toppers are going to provide you.

How well do you respond to challenges and professional criticism?

The “I don’t care” attitude only suits people who have a lot on their resume. With you just beginning to receive recognition for talent, it is not recommendable that you do same to the criticism that you receive. Instead, regard it as an opportunity and think of the critic as an investment.

He/she is bringing the attention of others to you, now you have to rock the stage and prove that you as a musician really are talented.

Hatred is something very different than criticism, and the sooner you realize the difference, the more you will learn from your mistakes. We all as musicians wanted to grow, don’t we? Welcoming challenges is part of the self-development process.

Do you lose your head when problems knock the door?

An interested employer wants to see you in half an hour and will be expecting you at Point B with your gear. Now what? Do you have a Plan B to save yourself from the embarrassment of not being able to reach there in time? Have a vehicle that can carry your equipment at all times and is ready to roll whenever you want it.
Also, it is wise to have a friend with you that can help you out at such times if you don’t have a vehicle of your own. Taking a cab or arranging for one at the last moment is really not going to do the trick.

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