Building a Better Gym for Your Gymnasts

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    Feb 27, 2014
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Building a Better Gym for Your Gymnasts Photo by Nimble  Sports

If you’re a gymnastics coach who is looking to improve your existing facility or open a gym of your own for the first time, the equipment you choose will make or break your entire business. From teeny tiny beginners to gymnasts who are getting ready to move off the floor and onto the beam or bars – there are plenty of different equipment pieces that you’ll need to have on hand. We understand that your budget is everything, but there are plenty of online retailers that are willing to provide you with highquality gymnastics bars, beams and mats for unbeatable prices.

Safety First

When browsing through the various gymnastics bars for sale, you don’t always want to choose the first one you see. Take a look at the quality and brand names behind these pieces. When a website is offering quality, name brand products at discounted prices – this is absolutely something you’ll want to take advantage of. Look for additional details like warranties on certain items, safety features, quality details (mold/mildew resistant) and satisfaction guarantees. These are all great ways to protect both your students and your investments.

All Skill Levels

Your gymnasts are going to grow and evolve over time, so it’s important that you have equipment that will do the same. Gymnastics bars come in many different shapes and sizes, so keeping a wide variety on hand in your gym will allow you to cater to all levels of gymnasts. From single bars perfect for younger athletes just starting out to uneven bars that are competition quality, it’s essential that all of these items are included when making your initial purchase.

Your First Impression

When students or parents visit your gym for the first time, the way your equipment looks will say a lot about your business overall. Keep this in mind when browsing for gymnastics equipment for sale and choose high-quality items that will not only look good, but ensure the safety of your gymnasts each and every time they use them. Your business has the potential to be great, so don’t let anything – especially your gym’s equipment – compromise that!

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Nimble Sports came from humble beginnings. It started off with a father wanting to build a balance beam for his daughter when she was interested in gymnastics. Considering it was his first attempt, he did a pretty good job. After some tweaking and researching, he made a few more and tried selling them on eBay, with great results.

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