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Do you have a blog, web site, or social media account and struggle to create the content your visitors want? allows you to use up to 30 of our articles on any web site or blog you control (that means if you have 2 blogs, each blog is allowed to use up to 30 articles).

Getting started is easy, if you are more technical you can install our RSS Feeds OR the easiest way is to browse our site and find an article you like and click on the 'Re-Publish Articles' link in the right sidebar as seen below:

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Once you click on the 'Re-Publish Articles' link, you'll be taken to a page that allows you to copy the entire article already in HTML form. You can take it and paste it onto your blog or web site creation software and instantly have targeted, FREE content for your visitors to enjoy!

Be sure to read our Publisher Guidelines for more details on the allowed usage of our content.

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