Common Practice Areas That a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Will Specialize in

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    Jan 15, 2013
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If you are wondering what the common practice areas that a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney will specialize in, you have come to the right location. Criminal defense attorneys are responsible for handling a wide variety of cases. However, most of the time, attorneys will choose to specialize in a few specific cases. This allows them to target their services toward precise individuals that are undergoing complex and challenging cases. This could be a DUI case, a drug-related offense, or really anything that is considered a criminal charge. As an attorney, they are able to provide their clients with professional and prompt assistance by doing this.


#1 - DUI/DWI cases

Attorneys will commonly specialize in DUI/DWI cases because as a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, they are able to service a wide variety of clients and they can provide specialized assistance. Being a DUI lawyer means that they will get a lot of work, since DUI's are quite common in the United States and many other countries throughout the world. By choosing to specialize in one of the most popular criminal charges, they guarantee themselves consistent work.


#2 - Drug-related offenses

Second to only DUI/DWI cases, drug-related offenses are equally popular. A drug-related charge is any time that someone has been convicted of drug trafficking, which is selling drugs, or drug possession, which is having drugs on themselves. Additionally, you could be caught in the act of using drugs, which presents another charge for the court system. Drugs are considered illegal in the United States and many other countries, if you are caught doing one of these activities, you are undoubtedly going to spend time in jail, or maybe even prison. The justice system is very harsh on drug offenders.


#3 - Assault and battery

Assaults are one of the more serious criminal charges, they often carry felony convictions. If you have been charged with an assault, you need to connect with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. They can help you resolve your case in a professional manner, so that you can go back to living your life just as you always have. An assault case is something that has to be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, you need to be very aware of the repercussions of your actions. Assault cases can often carry time in jail or in more serious cases, prison time.


#4 - Theft

Stealing is a criminal charge as well and it's something that a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will commonly specialize in. If you have stolen something from a store, from an individual, or from anyone else, then you will have to face those charges in front of the judge. Your lawyer can help defend you, they specialize in theft cases, so they know exactly what needs to be set in order to professionally represent you and lesson your charges. Often times, lawyers can help lessen your charges significantly by speaking with the judge and explaining exactly what happened and why your charges should be reduced, if not completely forgiven.

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