Various Aspects of Website Design

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    Dec 16, 2012
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Websites are the base of internet marketing and web building. Since most of the businesses today are run online there is need of a professionally crafted website that is suitable to individual business requirements and is able to deliver the best performance in the market and become a potential gateway to the future clients and customers. Websites carry the full fledged company and product details and these are accessible to all places provided there is a web connection. These give the businesses ample opportunity to spread their space to a larger population.

Realizing the benefits of website design, more and more businesses and individuals are now opting for online web portals. Here in this article I’m listing a few ways that can help you have your own website.

  1. Pro website building: This is the widely opted web development strategy. Here a professional web designing team is hired that will collectively work to create a professional website for your business. There are various experts involved in the process with each individual holding a specialization in a particular kind of scripting language and techniques like html, Java, asp, PHP etc. Apart from that various designing tools and software are used in the process like Flash. The designers tend to create the website strictly as per the requirements of the user. A website can include single page web portal, a multiple page full fledged website or an e-commerce store. The web designers can also put in various interactive features like live chat option to create a user friendly website. Since the requirements of different individuals vary, so do the prices. Discussing all your requirements and usability including budget preferences should be discussed in advance.
  2. Web .2: This is basically comprised of online content management systems. The basic purpose of these web site designs is to help individuals cut the expenses of professional website designers and do the whole designing of your own. The most popular portals are Wordpress, Joomla web design and Drupal. These online CMS allows you choose a certain template and modify it the way you want. For those you don’t need to have deep web development knowledge. If you posses some basic computer knowledge these will do a tremendous job for you. And there is always help available online in case you face any problem with the designing.
  3. Micro blogging: The above two options have been for the independent web building. But if you are new to the business and just want a start up with no expenses made in the initial stages, there are certain micro blogging websites that will let you have your Blog with not even a single penny spend. Some of these micro Blogging sites include Blogger, Wordpress,, Wix, Weebly etc. These are the simplest and most cost effective ways of getting a web portal. Even you don’t have to spend for hosting, if you are using a free account. And when you want an independent website, you just pay off the price and remove the host name from your domain and have an independent website.

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