What Does It Take to be a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic

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    Feb 14, 2014
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What Does It Take to be a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic Photo by Pamela Wendell

Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics are experts who install, repair, overhaul and maintain air conditioning systems, heating and cooling systems, refrigeration units and ventilation systems in residential, commercial and industrial structures.

The mechanics are generally employed by engineering firms, air conditioning and refrigeration installation contractors, food wholesales, industrial service companies and manufacturing companies. They may be hired by organizations such as schools, colleges and hospitals on full time basis. In addition, they can also work as freelance mechanics or run their own businesses.

Most employers nowadays prefer to employ mechanics who have undergone some formal training and have hands-on-experience. An apprentice program can help individuals in gaining/strengthening theoretical basis and get practical training as well.

About Refrigeration Mechanic Course

Generally a Air Conditioning Mechanic is a three year traditional apprentice program. It teaches students the ins and outs of design, installation, repair and refitting techniques of heating and cooling systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The program is divided into three levels - basic level (1st year), intermediate level (2nd year) and advanced level (3rd year). It combines classroom studies with on-the-job training with a company.This helps students in applying their classroom learning into practice and gain required work experience necessary to find employment after completion of the course. They also gain valuable contacts that can be used as references for employment in future. The apprenticeship can vary from two to five years depending upon the trade you apply for.

A certificate of qualification is given to students who write the exam at the conclusion of their apprenticeship. This means that those who pass the exam are qualified for an apprenticeship certificate from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Benefits You Avail While You Learn

  • You get to attend one to three sessions of full-time instructions for forty weeks, depending upon your trade.
  • You are taught by professors who have extensive experience in the industry.
  • Your apprentice includes on-the-job training with an employer.
  • You also earn when you learn

Enrolling into a Refrigeration Mechanic Program

Well, you can't directly apply with any college in Canada for a refrigeration mechanic program. You will have to contact the Ministry of Training in order to apply for an apprentice program. And if you're shortlisted, you will be scheduled into your college sessions by them only. One prerequisite for applying for the course is that you must be currently employed as an apprentice.

So, if you have never got any formal training in air conditioning and refrigeration installation, maintenance and repair, it's ideal to apply for an apprenticeship program now. The course will help strengthen your basics and sharpen your skills. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the apprentice should be supported by an employer or else it won't be possible for you to enroll in the program.

The job market for mechanics with formal training is constantly expanding. Finding better employment opportunities won't be difficult once you complete your formal training. So, explore your options and apply for an apprentice program to enhance your skills.

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