Know the Importance of Roadside Assistance Insurance

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    Feb 15, 2013
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Know the Importance of Roadside Assistance Insurance Photo by Kirti Saxena

Many times, you would have come across drivers and motorists trapped on the roadside because of a flat tire, dry fuel tank or even a mechanical breakdown. Then, there are instances when people forget to take out their car keys, locking themselves out. Instances like this and many others can bring about very unpleasant experiences. A vehicle breakdown at any time can cause a lot of hassle, not forgetting the dangers and perils caught up in leaving the vehicle unattended while the driver or motorist arranges for help.

There are times, when you would want to go for a long distance travel and might get stranded at a place where it’s difficult to get help of a mechanic. In such circumstances, a comprehensive motor insurance cover, which also offers roadside assistance, can be very useful. There are various companies that offer numerous benefits under this cover. In simple words, it is a service that provides a support service to stuck vehicles that have suffer from a breakdown while driving or travelling. The major breakdowns that this service includes, drained battery, mechanical failure, vehicle that has run out of fuel or gas, vehicle stranded because of flat tire or because of loss of keys. There are many other situations that these cover.

The fact is that the services offered under this plan, do not patch up these troubles, rather, they endow you with a resolution that permits you to move the vehicle to a repair facility or at least, get the vehicle running so as to get it to a service centre. For example, if your vehicle’s keys are lost or locked inside your car, then, you can ask for pick-up of standby keys or even replacement of the same. Or if you and your vehicle are stranded because of worn out battery, then, this service provider would come to the location of your vehicle and provide help.

Along with these, the other services comprise of legal advice, small on-site repairs, medical co-ordination, and more. Some insurance companies offer such benefits as an add on cover at added price, while some others offer these as value added services along with the inclusive motor insurance cover. Just like your vehicle is important for you, equally important is its safekeeping.

Remember, a plan like this can help you for many years and provide a valuable service. So, make sure you have roadside assistance for peace of mind while driving.


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