Averiwares Accounting and Financial Management ERP Module

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    Jun 18, 2013
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Controlling IT Costs; Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy, a shared lexicon, and enforced change
Controlling IT Costs; Enterprise Architecture (EA) strategy, a shared lexicon, and enforced change
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Accounting and Financial Management module is one of the most important ERP modules, which handles the financial and accounting data of an organization. The module is designed to gather data from different departments within the organization and generate various valuable financial reports.  Having a well-designed Accounting and Financial Management software, the company can focus more on business growth, as this software is capable of integrating  varied dimensions of  sales and service functions to achieve streamlined, end-to-end financial management. Coupled with powerful, flexible tools that improve financial reporting and compliance and the suite offers better business intelligence to accomplish better ROI.

Accounting and Financial Management Module from Averiware

Averiware offers a world-class Accounting and Financial Management module, which features user defined internal controls and audit trails.  It is a surprisingly flexible, intuitive and user friendly ERP module developed by Averiware. The module leverages tight integration and data sharing with all other modules – achieving enhanced data recording accuracy efficiency. With this, one can have access to real-time data from any of their company's divisions or locations - including orders from the Web site storefront. With over 40 standard reports and the ability to define customized versions, you can get all the information needed to satisfy accounting, auditing, continuous improvement initiatives and operational controls.



  • User-defined ageing parameters for accounts payable
  • Multiple accounts payable control accounts availability
  • Batch check printing
  • Voided Check ‘reversal’ with automatic accounting entries and reinstatement of payment details
  • Multiple payment capability - Checks, Wire Transfers and Credit Cards
  • Record and tracks credit card purchases
  • Define payment and/or place purchase order on hold
  • Make and track prepayments without vendors’ invoices
  • Make and track advance payments with automatic application to invoices
  • Automatic of manual selection of invoices for payments
  • Debit Memo for returns, shortages, damage and other reasons
  • Early payment discounts with Vendor Discount Analysis
  • 1099 vendor reporting
  • Miscellaneous bill creation and payment


  • Single click creation of invoices from packing slips (shipping documents)
  • Unlimited ship-to addresses
  • Complete sales tax rules engine, with State, County, City and Zip Code demarcation tax rates
  • Customer sales tax exemptions and exceptions
  • Credit memo for sales returns or other issues
  • Returned checks processing
  • Automated freight charge calculations
  • Payments in advance processing and automatic applications at time of invoicing
  • Multiple General Ledger control accounts may be employed
  • Accounts receivable statements and lists with user defined aging rules
  • Unpaid invoices and collection analysis

General Ledger

  • Seamless integration and automatic posting of entries from any module
  • Immediate and deferred posting of journal entries
  • Industry centric/user defined account numbers from 4 to 24 digits
  • Bank reconciliation assistance
  • General Ledger reporting at detail level traceable to individual transactions
  • Unlimited number of accounts as defined by user’s Chart of Accounts
  • Custom grouping of accounts as defined by user’s Chart of Accounts

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Averiware Inc. is an innovative software development company providing comprehensive Business Management Solutions for small and mid-sized Businesses. The company holds special expertise in cloud technology, and offers varied cloud ERP software solutions. Accounting and Financial Management module is one of the sophisticated ERP modules.

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