Which Sunscreens are Safest for Children?

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    May 31, 2013
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Pools all around the country are now open for the summer. Along with going to the pool, you may also be headed for your local parks, the zoo, and more of your favorite spots with your children.

For most parents being outside means taking one important step – layering on the sunscreen. However, this brings up a serious concern for many parents. There are so many different sunscreens on the market these days. How do you choose a sunscreen that is actually safe for your children?

The Right SPF

Walk through any store these days, and you may begin seeing numbers that will convince you one product is better than another. After all, if you’re looking at one bottle that says “SPF 30” and one that says “SPF 100,” the 100 has to mean better protection, right? Actually, that’s not the case at all. Those that boast those super high numbers aren’t actually providing you with a better level of protection. In fact, there’s no evidence at all that they provide better health benefits over a brand with a smaller SPF number. Some experts have even suggested those using sunscreens with a higher SPF tend to get burned more because they spend longer in the sun.

Broad Spectrum Choices

You probably know that there are different kinds of rays that can affect your skin, and choosing a sunscreen that deals with both UVA and UVB rays is an absolute must. Also known as “broad spectrum protection,” the goal here is to make sure that you don’t have to deal with the redness a sunburn can cause, but also that you won’t be exposing your children to the cancer-causing rays either. Look for the active ingredient Zinc Oxide, it is the best physical protection against UVB and UVA rays.

Skin Friendly

Additionally, you’ll want to select a formula that is skin friendly. Your child’s skin is likely more sensitive than your own, so working with a product that is hypoallergenic is an absolute must. Zinc Oxide sunscreen is perfect because it not only provides the best protection but it is great for sensitive skin. You may also want to select something that doesn’t contain any fragrances that are likely to irritate your child’s skin. Some formulas have gone as far as obtaining a dermatologist’s recommendation, so looking for that seal of approval can be a real bonus as well.

Selecting a safe sunscreen for your child is going to take a bit of research on your part. Simply grabbing the first one off the shelf isn’t going to work out well, even if it’s labeled as a kid friendly product. Instead, find one that is carefully formulated to truly protect your child from the sun. You’ll give your child a head-start on lifelong skin health and have a good day at the pool in one package.

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