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    Mar 21, 2013
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8-port Ethernet switch
8-port Ethernet switch
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Communication has always played an important role in keeping relations intact. The commercial, business and even personal relations are all dependent on communication. Graham bell designed the telephone as a medium for communication. This telephone happened to replace the traditional methods of communicating through letters. Letters were the most traditional methods of communication and there is no trace in history to the exact date when they were introduced. Letters can't communicate speech. This is the reason behind the introduction of phones. You can communicate with the person at the other end through phone. No matter though you might be miles apart still you can communicate with your counterpart on the other side whenever you wish. In this era, the traditional forms of letters have taken the form of emails and text messages that can be passed over the phone. The traditional telephone has been replaced by internet phone VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Internet has replaced one and all and has made the human life extremely comfortable and luxurious. This is also referred to as Internet Telephony as the internet is the channel for the communication. It is one among the most modern and advanced technologies. The phone calls are operated over the internet rather than using the telephone to send and receive the calls. Today there are large numbers of internet service providers in the market who offer all these services at a rate that you can support for long distances as well as at the international levels. These services are really helpful for both businesses as well as for personal purposes.

Some of the businesses might require these services for making international level conference calls. The internet service providers have packages that support these calls at rates that are affordable. You might have relatives abroad or overseas; initially the overseas and foreign calls were very expensive; but with the introduction of VoIP it has become affordable. While using the normal telephones you might face variations in the voice and sound frequencies. But with internet phone calls you can overcome these problems. This is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of money wasted otherwise. It is convenient and easy to use as well as it contributes to saving a lot of money. The internet traffic is one of the factors that determine the quality of the sound that is passed over the phone.

The most important requirement while using the VoIP mode of communication is the presence of a reliable internet connection. You can set it up using either the broadband or the Dial-Up connections. Once you have an internet connection established you need to get hold of a phone that is compatible with this connection. Some of the striking features include call-waiting, call-diverting, call-forwarding, simultaneous ringing across two or more phones, three-way calling, and caller ID which has made VoIP so popular. VoIP allows transfer of data including pictures and various documents easily. Many of the call centers that operate on the Computer Telephony Integrations techniques make use of these methods for the call center management purposes.

The call centers have always benefitted from this service as they can get the details of the caller. The recipient or the call center executive who receives the call can easily identify the caller from the details that are displayed over the VoIP. There are various packages that help to make international calls at low rates. Even long distance calls are also possible at cheaper rates through these services. Nimbuzz, Skype are some of the common examples of VoIP and can be easily accessed over the computers, smart phones, tablet PC's etc.

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