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    Nov 13, 2012
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With recent studies showing the alarming health risks related to eating meat, many people have adopted a vegetarian way of life. However, there are many other reasons a individual may choose a vegetarian lifestyle. At its core, a person who is a vegetarian doesn't eat any meat. However, incorporating the principles of being a vegetarian is not that simple. This article will discuss some of those principles as well as some benefits of living your life this way. A vegetarian lifestyle can stem from various motivations. These motivations include religious beliefs, animal rights, health, political,environmental, cultural, and economic reasons. Vegetarianism consist of three primary groups. Ovo-vegetarian, lacto-vegetarian, and ovo-lacto vegetarian. The primary difference between the three is the consumption of eggs and dairy products. Also, there are some who consider themselves semi-vegetarian. This however, is asinine as one can not be semi anything.

For much of the world, vegetarianism is due to economic reasons. When juxtaposed, meat cost are a lot more expensive than rice or noodles. Most people consume meat as a side dish in these parts of the world. As stated earlier, people adhere to different forms of vegetarianism. A true vegetarian however, eats no meat and is partial to any animal based products. Of all vegetarian lifestyles practiced throughout the world, veganism is the strictest of them all. Veganism is a hybrid version of vegetarianism. Vegans follow all the rules of vegetarianism however, they also do not consume any dairy products at all including eggs.

As a vegetarian, an individual must be willing to sacrifice and discipline themselves to abstain from all the food people traditionally love so much. These restrictions can seem extreme to a person that does not truly understand the principles involved in the sacrifice. Many vegetarians believe that steroids and various other chemicals have polluted animals and therefore, have rendered their nutritional value extremely insufficient and in some case useless. In principle, vegetarians are of the belief that no living creature should be killed for the purpose of food. In spite of the their commitment to humanitarianism, vegetarians are often frowned upon and judged as moralist for their beliefs. In the end however, there is only ONE true judge and HE will deal with us all accordingly when our number is called.

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