How to Customize Your International Holiday Packages?

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    Jul 04, 2014
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How to Customize Your International Holiday Packages? Photo by Ninad Chaudhari

When you are about to book a custom made holiday packages, you know it will be more expensive than regular tours and travel packages. What you don’t know is; will you miss out on something? Will you actually want to exclude something from your international tour itinerary? Are you overpaying for it? These are the typical questions for the travellers booking tailor made holiday packages and it makes sense too. So, here is how you answer these questions satisfactorily.

Know the destination & know yourself.

You cannot truly know the destination. But, you can research. You can buy the best travel guides money can buy to find out what the smartest travel writers have to say about their most recent international tours. How practically different this information is? For example: Can you, as the Indian, Indonesian or African, tolerate the subzero temperatures of Jungfrau during winter? Can you aesthetically enjoy authentic South Korean cuisine? Can you handle the overcrowded streets of Mumbai? Can you, as American, handle the heat and humidity of Kenya jungle safari?

Ask questions.

If you know the destination, sightseeing and yourself well enough, you will make the right choices. You will try the local authentic restaurant before trying to eat the snake pickle and you will ensure that you are comfortable with the unexpected factors of your international travel itinerary before actually getting cold feet right on the middle of the tallest  Bungee jumping bridge in the country. You can ensure that you are optimally informed about the aspects of the travel that truly concern you.


It rarely seems appropriate. But, when you are booking a custom made holiday package, you are spending a bundle. You can ask for a group discount; if you are travelling with your family, business associates or colleagues. You might want to keep the budget of the holiday up to a certain limit. In such cases, it is advisable to inform the travel agency about it from the start. If you are booking with a reputed travel agency, they will always ensure that you get what you expect in what you pay. A good four star property can be found or a home-stay can be arranged in the tribal village. A trek route can be changed to shorter and safer one. Travel insurance agency can be asked for just medical travel insurance for family trip. In short, it can be done. Just ask.

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Ninad Chaudhari works as a Web UI Designer / Developer with Cox & Kings. Ninad is an ardent photographer and finds best deals on international tours to pursue his passion. He recently explored custom made holiday packages from Cox & Kings and his albums are replete with pictures of this tour.

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