Which Kind Of Travel Insurance Should Indians Buy?

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    Aug 16, 2014
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Which Kind Of Travel Insurance Should Indians Buy? Photo by Aditya Chandak

There’s great unrest which prevails among Indian citizens. There are growing counts of tourists who travel to India. Many seem to show interest in willingness to get travel coverage to stay protected from unexpected events.
Many experts state that rising costs of traveling is another factor for the increasing willingness of people to buy travel insurance. As a result, travel insurance covers have become popular amongst people.
However, travel plan is just like any other coverage plans. Travel plans offer similar kind of benefits as any other covers provided by Indian insurance companies. Remember that it’s important for a person to clearly understand the specifics of a policy. If one fails to understand even a single policy detail then he/she can land up suffering huge unfriendly costs.
Financial experts express that while buying travel insurance plan, you should get one that costs not more than 4%-8% of the total travel budget. Also ensure that your insurance plan covers the trip cancellation fees. Check for best possible value and useful add-ons as per your requirements.
However, remember that cancellation of trip will be refunded only for valid reasons as considered appropriate by your provider. The reasons can be sudden sickness or family member’s demise or harsh weather.
If there’s change in your travel plan, you must inform your insurance company within time providing valid documentations as required.
However the question is which kind of travel policy is suitable for an Indian traveler?
Following factors need to be analyzed to get the best possible travel insurance-
Carefully analyze the policy in terms of clearance on coverage offered. Also check the reimbursement amount to be received from your insurance company.
It’s better to get insurance from a firm which provides grace period. There are certain companies which provide grace period on the travel plans. This enables one to evaluate a policy easily. If one finds that the policy does not meet his/her actual requirements then he/she can return the same against full refund.
Trip insurance & Trip protection are completely different! Therefore, experts strictly warn about trip protection which many insurers offer. It can be very ambiguous. Also experts say that it does not provide any kind of insurance for a trip.
Certain experts also state that it’s advisable for insurance carriers to be underwriters of their policies when they want to sell. Consider a policy isn’t underwritten by the respective insurance policy. In this case, it’s a trip protection plan. This will not provide any type of reimbursement.
The things that your insurance plan should cover are-
• Cancellation of trips
• Luggage lost
• Delay in luggage delivery
• Health & medical coverage
• Protection against evacuation which can occur when the government sanctions the same during natural disasters
In case of assistance, feel free to consult a professional for any help.

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