Start Your Own Web Site / Blog

Starting your first web site can be a scary yet thrilling experience. We encourage you to read our entire 3 part series on Starting Your Own Web Site / Blog, Get Traffic To Your Web Site, and Make Money With Your Web Site.

Why should you start a web site or blog?
Starting your own web site or blog is just like starting a real life business except the cost of starting a web site is about .1% as much as starting your regular brick and mortar business.

Because of the extremely low start-up cost and maintenance cost, this allows you to easily turn a profit since you don't have a lot of expenses that would normally eat up your profits in a regular business.

Some of the key benefits of starting a blog or web site are:
  • Earn extra income
  • Be your own boss
  • Very low start up costs (anywhere from $25 to $200 if you want your own domain and hosting)
  • Can make money 24 hours a day (people are visiting your site even when you are sleeping!)

What should my web site be about?
The best part about starting your own web site is that you can literally build a site about ANY topic! Because the ENTIRE world is online now, anyone who has any interest in your topic will visit your web site so the possibilities are endless!

We generally recommend you build a web site about something you enjoy because nothing is better than actually having fun when you are working!

Some ideas for a site you could start are:
  • Cooking Blog / Recipe Web Site
  • Guides on how to do gardening, wood working, painting, metal work, etc.
  • Celebrity / Gossip / Sports Blog
  • Car Reviews / Blog (could be about car maintenance, classic cars, new cars, ANYTHING!)
  • Fashion / Makeup / Beauty Reviews or Blog
These are just a few ideas, there are literally THOUSANDS of topics you could create your web site about!

How will I make money from my web site?
We have written a comprehensive guide on how to make money with your web site that teaches you all the best ways to make money from your web site / blog.

You can get paid for every visitor you get, every time someone clicks on an advertisement, or when someone signs up for an offer (most of them are free to signup for!). Our make money online guide shows you all the ways you can start making money with your web site today!

What do you need to start a web site?
  • A topic for what your web site will be about
  • Your own domain (you can start without one but it will be much harder to get your site popular)
  • Web hosting - you'll need a company that will host your web site so people can access it online

Where is the best place to host your web site?
We have 4 different web hosts that we recommend:

PROS: Startup cost is low and has a great blog builder
CONS: It's a bit more complicated than My Creative Site Designs
Host Gator
PROS: The cheapest startup cost of the 4 if you want your own domain name
CONS: Requires you to read guides on how to setup your blog, very technical
PROS: It's free to start (but costs money to upgrade your account)
CONS: Has a learning curve, you don't get your own domain
My Creative Site Designs
PROS: Takes care of 100% of the work of starting and designing a blog! No technical expertise required!
CONS: Has a higher startup cost to get started

What do I do after I signup for my web site?
After you've decided which of the 4 web hosts above that you'd like to use and have signed up, your next step will be to use the web host's site builder or blog builder to create your page.

The web hosting companies we recommend also offer support and can help you in setting up your site if you run into any problems getting started.

Once you've setup your site, you can continue on to our other tutorials:

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