How Does ERP Software Such As SAP Sales Order Management Help In The Management Of A Business?

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    Aug 19, 2014
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How Does ERP Software Such As SAP Sales Order Management Help In The Management Of A Business? Photo by John  Simley

Every business has a number of processes to handle and they need to be all integrated in order to make the business function smoothly. Most businesses are nowadays opening up offices in different countries in order to serve the markets there better which leads to a lot of complications when it comes to handling every day activities. The numbers of data generated is huge which is why their storage and quick referencing is a problem. Moreover, the quality of products, costs of production, materials procurement, sales and distribution and other customer relation management need to be taken care of.

Production in itself is one of the biggest tasks that a company would have to handle. The enterprise resource planning or ERP software take care of the production planning, material management, sales, distribution, warehousing and quality aspects of the production process. The SAP ERP software is one of the most popular ones used for this purpose. It works on the R/3 platform which is where the data is all stored locally and hence can be retrieved whenever required. It is quick and efficient because of the numerous sub modules that have been dedicated for the purpose of management of every detail in a business. For example, the SAP Management Accounting software is responsible for the management of investments, costs of production, profitability of various production processes etc. while SAP CRM module takes into account customer feedback about products etc. SAP Sales Order Management takes care of sales orders received, product catalogues, credit checks, invoices and much more. This module of SAP is mostly applicable when a company is dealing in a B2B scenario and supplied products to a wholesaler for sales. The SAP Payroll UK is meant for handling payroll issues of the employees in an organization.

These modules in themselves are very efficient and aid a business makes accurate decisions. However, integrating them across the whole scale of the business is a challenge. This challenge is taken care of by the SAP Solution Manager which manages the business suite applications such as BI, ERP, and CRM etc. It is an end to end integrated platform which would help manage new developments, SAP solutions and application life cycle.

Therefore, there is no such aspect of a business that cannot be handled by software such as SAP, Hyperion etc. Even for the purpose of data mining and analysis, software such as SAP Business Objects and Business Intelligence is applicable. These kinds of software have truly made it easier for a business to operate.


This article has been written by John Simley who has been working as a SAP consultant. He has been extensively trained in the SAP modules along with Selenium Training.

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