Ground breaking software for effective college maintenance

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    Mar 10, 2014
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Ground breaking software for effective college maintenance Photo by Diwan Pujari

Manual maintenance of a college campus is a tedious job. The campus is engulfed with thousands of students and parents. Apart from this there is huge number of teaching and non teaching staff members. A good and effective management should possess complete information about each and every individual inside their college.  The Rapid ERP can faultlessly accomplish the target by holding up to date information about all activities inside the campus. The innovative chapters of this software includes student enquiries software that accounts all information starting from students enquiries, details of pamphlet distribution, response from students and parents, issue of application form and many more. The Entrance test & Merit list modules controls the list of students approached for entrance examination, question paper preparation, attendance of students for entrance exam, Preparation of Merit list etc…
There is separate attendance schedule for students, teaching staff and non teaching staff members. A specialized module generates faultless time table. A module has been allotted for discipline maintenance inside the campus. The hostel module holds complete data of the students accommodated in hostels and all their corresponding details. The Library management software seizes complete information about the books available and also their issue details. The transportation system of the campus can be regulated through transport management module.
The entire information about individual student including their fee submission and receipt generation, their academic performance, attendance, discipline, transport details, accommodation data, personal health details and many more. The payroll of every teaching and non teaching staff members can be automatically generated from their attendance details. The software can effectively merged with external devices and thus any mail or SMS can be easily generated and send to all students, parents and staff members within few minutes.
Introduction of various unique courses in the college campus and considerable growth in the literacy rate of our country has pushed college management to put considerable effort to run their college efficiently. Any college will naturally acquire good name and fame only by the way it manages its people inside the campus.

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A pioneer in the field of software solutions, Advanta Innovations has come up with their brain storming version of College Software. Their college management software with 28 different modules stands distinctly among other software. It is highly affordable, reliable and user-friendly in its operations. This software enables a person to effectively manage each and every action inside their college campus.

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