What You Need to Do to Stop Coming Across as a Social Media Zombie

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    Aug 29, 2014
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What You Need to Do to Stop Coming Across as a Social Media Zombie Photo by James Mcinally

Social media is a big part of what any SEO agency will focus on. Google’s changes have made it so any business looking to build themselves up must have a solid presence on social media. There is always the danger of becoming a social media zombie, though.

The social media zombie is an account that is obviously managed by someone who is not affiliated with the company, or a robot. The messages are of a poor quality and are not targeted at anyone in particular.

In this article, we are going to show you what you need to do to stop coming across as a social media zombie.

1. Pick the Right Network

Every social media platform has a specific audience. LinkedIn, for example, is designed as a platform for a more professional corporate audience. Your messages would be far more formal and detailed than those going out to Twitter.

Of course, Facebook and Twitter are a given, but you have to make a distinction between what you publish on these networks and what you publish on other networks.

You do not need to be on every single network. Different networks are better for specific industries. Do your research before you start opening accounts.

2. Get in their Heads

There are no foolproof tactics for appealing to certain customers, as any digital marketing agency will tell you. The key to success is to get in the person’s head. You need to find your ideal customer and think about what is likely to make them tick.

They key to social media marketing is content targeted at the individual. This is why any digital marketing agency in Glasgow will tell you to think about your ideal customer.

You should also consider using social media analytics software, so you can make sure your posts are getting the desired reaction. If something goes wrong, you will know about it before you sink too much time into a fruitless strategy.

3. Engaging Yet Professional

It is easy to get carried away on social media. You may see something you do not like and feel compelled to comment on it. If you see an issue that is close to your heart, you may be tempted to start passing comment. This is a mistake, and one too many companies make.

Although some social media networks do call for a certain amount of humour, this does not mean you should start throwing out every crude joke you have ever heard of. It is possible to remain entertaining whilst being professional.

Think about why your customers would want to find out more about you. Are they looking to get something out of it or are they looking to laugh at what you have to say? Tailor your content accordingly.

Overall, the aim of the game is to engage without looking like you are simply filling in the boxes. Speak to customers directly when people do engage. Make sure you are coming across as a real human being behind the computer screen, rather than a corporate robot.

Monitor your results and you will soon find yourself connecting to the right audience.

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