Getting it out of the chimney

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    Jun 10, 2014
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Getting it out of the chimney Photo by Afro Jack

The purchase of a home is always an important step in your life.  You have made an important decision for your family, selecting a locale to raise your children.   As a home owner, you are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance on the property.You perform inspections on the house to make sure there is no damage, both internally and externally.You listen for any telltale signs that there may be something wrong, such as abnormal creaks and bumps in the night.One thing that always makes you wonder is the sound of possible creatures in your home.  The attic is the most likely destination for these animals as they make their nests or create a habitat for themselves in which to live.You must pay attention to any and all indications that an unwanted animal guest has taken up residence in your home.In addition to the attic, a chimney is an ideal location for wild creatures.   During the spring and summer, you rarely, if ever, open the damper in your chimney, or inspect the cap at the top of the stack.You may be sitting in your home one evening and hear scratches and movement coming from your chimney, and it is necessary that you get in there and remove the creatures before using your fireplace.  A chimney cleaning Maclean company can aid you in making sure you chimney is ready for use in the winter.

Why clean the chimney?

If the animals, like a bird or possum, have taken up residence e in your chimney, before starting any fires you will need to completely remove them from the chute.   If they no longer are living in your chimney, a thorough cleaning is necessary to remove all evidence of dirt, debris and grime along the lining of your chimney to insure the fireplace works as efficiently as possible.Your chimney provides the ventilation needed for the smoke and ash produced when you burn your logs in the fireplace.If there is an excess buildup in the chimney, or obstruction of a living or dead creature, than the smoke and ash will not flow freely and easily through the chute out into the night air.

A warm fire at home

If you cannot utilize your fireplace, you will not be able to create the inviting warm atmosphere that is created by a blazing fire.  Any obstruction in the chimney most be completely and fully removed in order to use your fireplace.  You do not want the smoke or ash to be forced to flow into your living room while you are burning your logs in the metal grate of the fireplace.This will cause you to extinguish the fire, and render your fireplace nothing more than a nice decoration in your home.The ability to use the fireplace was one of the features of the home that enticed you to make the purchase.If you do not clean the chimney properly and routinely, than it will be a waste of a quality addition.Using a chimney cleaning Maclean Company will make sure you get the most benefit out of your fireplace.

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