How To Move Heavy Furniture

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    Aug 23, 2013
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How To Move Heavy Furniture Photo by Margaret Swanton

When people plan a move, they usually focus on packing everything properly and loading the furniture without accidents. However, this is only one half of the job. You can't relax and feel safe until you have unloaded the moving van and unpacked each item. Actually, most accidents happen when precisely when you think the scariest part is over. The moment most movers neglect is at the new property when they have to take the load off the truck and unwrap the heavy furniture. Keep in mind that your goal is not only to deliver your belongings to your new home but also not to get hurt in the process.

The golden rule of relocation is to treat the move like a marathon and not like a sprint, especially the long-distance ones. A one-day move is the most stressful undertaking. You feel pressured to finish on a short deadline, so you barely give yourself a break. Don't get lost in the moving frenzy! Plan for some relaxation in between tasks.

Take Your Time to Unwrap

It is tempting to cross off as many tasks from your list as possible upon arrival, especially if you don't want to loose your momentum. However, this is the worst possible approach you could adopt. Accidents happen when people try to do many things at once. Even if you are nearing your deadline, you shouldn't push yourself. Trying to unload and unpack heavy furnishing quickly is a bad, bad idea. You will only overload your limbs and your back. Needless to say you risk hurting yourself in the process.

Use the Right tools

Even if you have decided not to book a man and van service, this doesn't mean you shouldn't use professional equipment and tools. There are many sites and blogs which explain the basic techniques movers use to avoid injuries. If you have enlisted friends to help you, make sure you get special straps. Both shoulder and forearm moving straps are used for easier lifting.

Another smart idea you should implement is never to carry what you can roll. Hand trucks and moving doilies will come in extremely handy when you need to carry numerous boxes and heavy loads.

It is Never Too Late to Call for Help

In case you aren't feeling well, you can always look up a local moving company. Most of them provide services and short-notice and will be happy to send you a team of removalists. Yes, it will cost you a couple of hundred dollars more than you have initially planned. Still, once the movers arrive, all you need to do is hand them the packing list. Professionals can unload and unpack all of your possessions in a matter of hours. Most of them will even assemble your furniture for you. This means, you would neither risk getting hurt while you do it yourself, nor would you damage any of the units.

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Margaret Swanton is a real estate expert. She works for a Melbourne end of lease cleaning company. She helped many of her clients to conduct long- and short-distance moves. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask her.

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