How To Make Wood Pizza Oven

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    Mar 04, 2013
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How To Make Wood Pizza Oven Photo by Woodpizzas Tove

A wood pizza oven has parabolic ceilings and circular floors, which reflect the heat down. These circular floors provide nicely organized space. You have to keep a fire going in the oven lest it cool as pizza baking is a dynamic process in which the oven doors stay open while you add, turn and remove your pizzas. The circular floors are helpful in keeping the fire to one side, where the roof slopes down and have most of the floor area free for pizza. You can also build your own low-tech wood-fired pizza oven is a substantial undertaking but the whole process can be eliminated by small steps. It means that you need not to follow the whole process simultaneously. You have to take time for building it according to your individual as well as commercial needs and requirements that should be too within your financial budget.

It is built from the ground up, starting with the base, the cooking surface and lastly, the dome. It can be built on any flat surface or on a terraced bank of the earth behind a retaining wall as well as it is well compacted and drained properly. Normally, a wood pizza oven is built with a raised, solid paver floor supported at a comfortable working height as per the requirements. The ideal materials and objects for building it are bricks, masonry blocks along with various others.

Normally, wood pizza stove or oven should be built in a way so that it will need to be sheltered from the rain and it is not weather-resistant. This can take the form of a plastic or vinyl cover (the chimney can be withdrawn), similar to a barbecue cover or a small skillion roof can be built over the oven. There may also be needs of some materials to build ovens, which include broad paintbrush, jigsaw, angle grinder with metal cutting disc, straightedge and spirit level, hammer, screwdriver, spade or hoe, brickie’s trowel and float, rubber mallet, bucket and sponge, garden and kitchen sieves, measuring tape, safety goggles, ear muffs and dust mask.

If you are not able to find authentic information about detailed processes that are followed to build a wood fired pizza stove, you need not to be worried. Online resources would be helpful for you in this regard. There are many websites available over the Internet, where you can get the detailed information about how to make a static or portable wood pizza oven as per the custom needs and requirements.

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