Easy vegetarian recipes for the beginners

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    Mar 11, 2014
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Easy vegetarian recipes for the beginners Photo by Sonal  Mehra

There is nothing better than switching over to vegetarian diet for a healthy lifestyle. Studies in the medical field have proved the same. Many consider vegan food as just consisting of leafy plants but, it provides with all essential elements a healthy body would need. Vegan foods are instant source of nutrition and are healthier substitutes to meat food for the protein intake. So, let the taste  buds go for a change with easy recipes of the vegan mode. Including vegetarian recipes in diet can show quick results and an improvement in the health.

Popular perception about vegetarian food consider it to be tasteless. But, contrary to the belief, it is much tastier if cooked with the right selection of ingredients. One can start with yoghurt, one of the most commonly found ingredient in any household. Prepared with the fermentation of the milk, yoghurt is considered the best to fight stomach problems. Apart from being used in the plain form, it is used in cooking various preparations. For parents who have their kids shying away from dairy products, yoghurt mixed with fruits is a good option.

For the ones who like to add spice in their food, there are various vegetarian recipes to try out. Hot and spicy vegetarian chilli is a must try in the list. Easy to preparation, it is one of the best ready to serve starters. Some onions, tomatoes and spices to add, and 30 minutes is all it takes to prepare this  dish.

Soups are another healthier options in the easy recipes list. Vegan creamy soups are a favourite in the soup section. There are two popular methods of preparations, the whole grain and the vegetable type. In the whole grain type, instead of regularly used flour, grains are used for preparing creamy soups. Popularly used whole grains are millet and rice. Potatoes or sweet potatoes are mainly used for the vegetable creamy soups. Potatoes are cooked with milk or water accordingly and is surely one of the easiest to prepare. 

Tofu, a great alternative to meat products, is low on calorie and high on protein count and has relatively lesser fat content. Soy protein it contains is said to be a great aide in fighting high cholesterol issues. Tofu can be eaten in plain form with soy sauce or be used in cooking soups. They are basically of two types, firmer and the softer ones. Firmer tofus find use in preparation of kebabs and mock meats, the softer types are used for desserts and soups.


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