Why Do We Need Our Own Home?

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    Dec 12, 2013
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Why Do We Need Our Own Home? Photo by Jason Vermilion

Hands down. Pants up. This is the question. Apart from everything that we have been programmed since birth, why is it so necessary to have a place of our own? You'd be mistaken, nevertheless surprised, thinking this is obvious. It's not. Find out, to much surprise, how most of us want this badly but are not sure exactly why. Don't be offended or saddened by the fact that you may be one of them. We are here to talk about it anew.

Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to do your own thing on your own terms? Bet you have. The individuality inside each of us will drive our dreams far. It will also give us the strength needed to survive and succeed, when walking through the dangerous road of life. Oh yes, living is dangerous in many ways. But there's only one danger that's worse than all the others. That's becoming stuck to the point where living is no longer worth it. You have the real power to prevent that from happening and you must make sure it never will become YOUR reality. Fatal dangers may be extreme but they are also rewarding. Remember, hundreds upon thousands of people risk their lives every day in the name of something beneficial or self-beneficial.

There are a couple of moments, acting as food for the annoyance within each kid, when confronted with it's parent. It has only denial to use as a self-defence mechanism and denial is the most predictable of all human reactions. Learning the hard way is one of the best methods for universal education out there and parents know that. They are also very aware that a time will come when their child will finally have and leave, leaving with hardly friendly relations with its own makers. This is the kind of motivation required to start the journey as a soloist.

You now know the most common cause for wanting a place of your own. However, there are plenty more example of completely different situations, which are therefore to unravel otherwise. Some of them derive once more from childhood. It has been known that sharp disappointments in the early stages of one's life emerge as complexes in one's personality later in adulthood. Missing independence makes no exception. Both mother and father can contribute help raising their young so that they are either restricted from freedom of speech and action, or the other way around. The youngster will respond as follows. Adaptation is what we people are good at, using whatever resources and means available. A child's mind is still uncorrupted by the many responsibilities of an adult, thus making it's responses rather predictable. Those are good news for the parents, as you can imagine.

No form of negativity towards anyone or anything is required in order to want a home for yourself. That's true while including others in the long-term plan. In short, families are not supposed to be started running away from something. It could be just that simple.

Some sort of self realisation is not excluded from the possibilities. Proving to yourself that you can acquire and maintain a perfectly good home is the ultimate test of manhood. If you can do that, you're ready to be the male head of your newfound family.

Change of scenery is often a necessary press of the reset button on life. Such an occurrence can happen anywhere at any given point, once the person is old enough to be on his own. There is a greater lesson here. Once on the move, you will be urged to seek the knowledge necessary to succeed, which includes the following fields and more:

  1. Real estate
  2. Home moving / relocation
  3. Transportation
  4. Orientation
  5. A strong temper
  6. Construction
  7. Internal and external design / furnishing
  8. Task management and prioritisation

It appears this is anything but an easy way around. It's not easy, not meant to be, never was. Luckily, society has came up with a solution. By hiring removal services Putney, given you are about to move to that location for an example, one is able to facilitate many of the otherwise hard-to-hand-by-yourself situation, while still learning what needs to be obtained as experiences, knowledge and eventually passive skills.

These are most of the common occasions, many of which you have probably already experienced personally. Sadly, there's a lot more that those few examples. It's advisable to get to know the core of these problems even more. In this rapidly expanding world, first-hand experience is irreplaceable.

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