Winterize the Penis Hot Tips to Avoid Cold Weather Damage

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    Jan 20, 2014
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Winterize the Penis Hot Tips to Avoid Cold Weather Damage Photo by John Dugan

The cold winter months can wreak havoc on the skin, especially the areas that are exposed to the elements. A man doesn’t have to be an outdoor aficionado to experience the effects of cold, wind and lack of humidity on his face and hands. But the more protected parts of the body can suffer from the cold, as well - not to mention dry indoor heat. The combination of dryness and drastic changes in temperature can lead to dry, itchy, flaky skin that feels rough and looks unappealing; and adding body-related friction to the mix can result in considerable soreness and irritation. Any man who is hoping for a romantic evening in front of a roaring fire to evolve into something even more sensual will need to pay special attention to penis care in order to make sure he is ready for action whenever the opportunity arises.

1. Layer up . The first rule of protecting the male skin in the winter is to dress in layers. The innermost layer, the one that comes in direct contact with the skin, should be made of a soft, breathable fabric such as cotton. This will allow air circulation to prevent excessive sweating - which can cause irritated skin (not to mention an unpleasant odor) while protecting the delicate skin from rougher fabrics. For outdoor activities, it is always a good idea to dress in thermal layers that can be added and removed as needed to prevent overheating while protecting from the cold.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking water in hot weather is a no-brainer, as people have a tendency to sweat and feel thirsty during the summer months. But adequate hydration is especially important when the temperature drops, as cold and wind tend to be dehydrating. Drinking plenty of water is important for cellular function, including nourishment and repair of the penile skin cells, so keeping a bottle of water on hand throughout the day is a must.

3. Keep it clean! Built-up sweat, body fluids and grime can be severely irritating to the delicate skin, so regular washing is critical to maintaining healthy tissue. A daily wash in warm water, using a gentle cleanser, is usually all that is needed to remove layers of dirt, dead skin cells and sweat. No scrubbing or exfoliants, as these can leave the skin raw and sore; and make sure to pat the area dry gently afterward, before putting on any clothing.

4. Watch out for drying soaps and detergents. While cleanliness is important, men often make the mistake of reaching for harsh, drying soaps, or for using shampoos and other cleansers that tend to leech body oils from the skin. These materials can leave the skin feeling tight, dry and itchy, and they may cause a flaky, rough appearance. Gentle, moisturizing cleansers are recommended instead, and for men who have sensitive skin, it may be best to look for hypoallergenic laundry detergents, as well.

5. Moisturize! Some men are notoriously leery of applying creams, lotions or other girly-type potions to their manly skin, but a moisturizer that is made just for men is nothing to shrink away from. Natural emollients like Shea butter, as well as hydrating elements such as vitamin E, are not just for the ladies. A healthy penis starts with the skin, and keeping the penile tissue smooth, supple and soft means using a blend of ingredients formulated with men in mind. A top-shelf penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil), applied after a daily shower, is an excellent choice for men who want to protect their most delicate asset from the drying effects of cold weather and indoor heat.

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