Vitamins, Minerals and more for prostate health

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    Dec 18, 2012
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There are many ways you can supplement your diet to develop a healthy prostate. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1.      Beta-sitosterol

If you’ve researched prostate supplements to some extent the words beta-sitosterol have popped up. Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol that has been shown to be effective in shrinking enlarged prostates. Most supplements that contain beta-sitosterol, do not have enough of it to be effective. One supplement that does is Super Beta Prostate. It contains 100 times more plant sterols than Saw Palmetto. According to reviews and Super Beta Prostate testimonials, it also contains other nutrients that support overall health and prostate health.

2.      Soy Products:

Soy contains Isoflavones that are antioxidants. They have clinically shown to have positive effects on the prostate gland and that’s why most people recommend eating soy products to people with prostate problems. They work partially by inhibiting high testosterone and thus protecting the prostate. So eat as much tofu, soy burgers or soy snacks –guilt-free!

3.      Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements can be found in almost every house and most people buy them but forget to take them. These supplements are not just good for weight loss or joint pain but omega-3 fatty acids are also anti-inflammatory agents that could help reduce prostate enlargement. All you need is 1-2 grams of fish oil every day for prostate functioning.

4.      Minerals

There are specific minerals that the prostate needs to carry out its function and regulate its size. Zinc and Selenium are especially significant. Deficiency of Zinc has been associated with actual prostate enlargement. You can add these minerals to your diet but many have found it easier to take supplements like Super Beta Prostate that contain these minerals and more. Remember, don’t fall for Super Beta Prostate scams. It is a well-researched product with science-backed ingredients and is designed to promote prostate health.

5.      Vitamin D and Vitamin E

More recently people have become more aware of the importance of vitamin D. Without vitamin D, the calcium you eat will be underutilized. Vitamin D performs various different functions and we couldn’t live a healthy life without it. Most of us spend our time indoors and need supplemental forms of vitamin D.

Vitamin E is found in nuts, grains, and wheat germ. It also helps reduce inflammation of the prostate and promotes good skin too.

It’s difficult to consistently include all these in your diet unless you’re really careful. But what you can do it include whole food groups that are healthy like whole grains, cruciferous vegetables, fish instead of red meat and such. Even with a healthy diet, ask your doctor about taking a prostate supplement so you can have a consistent intake of nutrients.

Remember that all these nutrients will have the best effects if you have a consistent exercise plan. It is recommended to exercise at least 4 times a week and at least 20 minutes each time. Doing muscle building exercises will help you keep fat off for longer. With regular exercise and a good diet, you’re on your way to prostate health. 

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One supplement that does is Super Beta Prostate. It contains 100 times more plant sterols than Saw Palmetto. According to reviews and Super Beta Prostate testimonials,Remember, don’t fall for Super Beta Prostate scams.

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