Understanding Dry Orgasm - Perfectly Normal, or Health Scare?

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    Mar 09, 2014
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Understanding Dry Orgasm - Perfectly Normal, or Health Scare? Photo by John Dugan

For most men, their first sexual experience is of the solo variety and requires little more than their hand and some imagination. As a young man gains experience and familiarity with his body, he may begin to experiment with different masturbatory techniques and has likely even gotten his own cleanup routine down to a science. Whether he uses facial tissue, toilet paper, a quick shower, or the old gym sock routine, guys know that a good climax is going to require some cleanup afterwards. Having been dealing with this aftermath for quite some time, it can come as quite a shock when a man experiences a dry orgasm - meaning no ejaculate is released. Though he may feel like running off to the ER immediately, there are a few explanations for this phenomenon. Learn more about retrograde ejaculation and what it means for penis health.

What is a dry orgasm?

Known as retrograde ejaculation, a dry orgasm is simply that; a man reaches orgasm and no ejaculate is released from his penis. Instead, his baby juice travels backwards up the urethra and is released into his bladder instead. Most men still report a full sensation of orgasm when this occurs. In fact, unless they are masturbating or using a condom and notice the absence of semen, they may experience this for some time without actually knowing it. A man may experience a single dry orgasm and never have another episode again; he may have them sporadically, or it may become a permanent condition that needs medical attention to reverse.

What causes a dry orgasm?

There are several different conditions that have been linked to retrograde ejaculation including the following:

1. Prostate or urethral surgery

2. High blood pressure pills

3. Anti-depressant medication

4. Diabetes

5. Use of cock rings

6. Delaying orgasm for a prolonged period of time during sex

Should a guy be worried about this?

For the most part, no, the condition itself is not going to cause a man harm. The most noticeable side effect would be the appearance of cloudy urine after experiencing an orgasm - as the semen has made its way into the bladder. However, if a man is intending on having children, then yes, he should talk to his doctor. Given the fact that no ejaculate is released, infertility is an obvious side effect of retrograde ejaculation. After all, how does a guy get his partner pregnant if he is not releasing any sperm? Though a midnight trip to the emergency room is not needed in the case of a dry orgasm, it is worth mentioning to a doctor regardless of one’s intentions for fatherhood. Due to the fact that certain health conditions can be linked to retrograde ejaculation (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) it is wise to speak with a doctor to figure out what the cause may be - particularly for men who are not currently diagnosed with any medical conditions, as the dry orgasm may be an early warning sign of a different medical condition.

Keeping the penis healthy

In terms of treatment of retrograde ejaculation - if it is an ongoing condition - a doctor may recommend switching medications or starting medications if that is to blame. However, for men who developed the condition after having urethral or prostate surgery, the condition may possibly be permanent. A doctor can best help formulate a treatment plan depending on the cause of the problem.

Even still, there are steps a man can take to maintain the overall health of his penis - whether it is ejaculating properly or not - maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, keeping blood sugars in check, and eating healthy are all ways to keep the penis ready for action. Additionally, using a penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) full of penis specific nutrients can help improve circulation and blood flow to the penis, while moisturizing and soothing the delicate penis skin.

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