Penis Skin Care Pointers Real Help for Distressed Skin

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    Jan 27, 2013
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Prepping for a date might include these crucial steps for the average guy: lather, rinse, repeat. Cologne might be a nice touch if the evening is special, but lotions, creams and emollients might not be part of the grooming arsenal most men maintain. These same men, however, might readily admit that they value their penis above all other body parts, and their dates might say the same. That's why penis skin care could be beneficial for almost any man. Nutrient creams can help the average man maintain sensitivity, as well as a pleasant smell and appearance, delivering real benefits a guy (and his partner) can both see and feel.

Sensitive Skin, Vital Protection

Skin sensitivity is due, in part, to basic wiring. Nerves run through all tissues in the human body, and some parts of the body have more receptors when compared to other parts of the body. The penis really wins out in this category, as it's loaded with nerve fibers and touch receptors. Penis sensation can also be impacted, however, by the condition of the skin. Rough, callused skin has its own buffer of protection from sensory input, and it simply isn't as responsive as newer, healthier tissue.

Penis creams that contain nourishing ingredients can repair skin damage, allowing sensitive skin to replace damaged cells. Ingredients to look for include:

  • Vitamin E
  • Shea butter
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C

Health creams for the penis may also include ingredients that may reduce cell aging and the wrinkled, grey appearance of dead or dying cells. Alpha lipoic acid and B vitamins could be vital in this fight.

What Creams Cannot Do

Penis creams can improve the health and overall vitality of the skin, but they cannot make the penis itself any larger. A man's size is determined by genetic factors and other issues that are, unfortunately, beyond the scope of a mere lotion. There are subtle ways in which a penis health cream might relieve size concerns, however.

Skin that is tight, rough and scarred tends to lose elasticity. It cannot stretch, engorge or expand, as all of the damage that's taken place serves to lock that skin into one immovable position. The cell restoration that can come about with application of natural emollients could allow tight skin to loosen, and this might make the penis seem just a bit larger and more responsive. Although these lotions do not actually affect penis size, the healthier skin might allow for a bit more flex and movement.

Medical conditions that impact the penis also can't be amended with a penis health cream. Rashes, open sores and lesions are best handled with a visit to the doctor's office, not a trip down the aisle of the local pharmacy, but using a penis nutrient formula might be beneficial for men who want to take charge of their penis health. As they use their creams on a daily basis, they'll develop an innate sense of what the skin of the penis should look like, and they'll be aware, almost immediately, when something changes in the condition of the penis skin. As a result, they'll be in a good position to catch health problems early, when they tend to be easily handled.

Getting Started

Using the cream after a shower or bath, when the skin is clean and soft, can ensure that the healthful ingredients penetrate to deep layers and have the best opportunity to do their work. A properly designed penis health cream (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) is designed to soothe the skin without leaving behind any residue that might make men feel unclean or oily. Applying the lotion at least once daily is ideal, although a twice daily application might be best for men with more advanced levels of skin damage.

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