Penis Health Diet - What One Man Did to Take Control of His Penile Function

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    Jul 29, 2014
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Penis Health Diet - What One Man Did to Take Control of His Penile Function Photo by John Dugan

Food is the fuel that keeps the body going. Everyone knows that. But some men are opting to take control of their penis health - not to mention their overall well-being - by making better choices about the foods they eat. In the following paragraphs, a man we will call "Liam" talks about his nutritional choices and their impact on his sex life.

Weight Loss Secrets

At the moment, Liam isn't overweight at all - in fact, he seems to be in great shape. But that's because he had a hard talk with his doctor a few years ago, and he made some pretty big changes.

"I went in for a routine physical, and my doctor told me I was about 100 pounds overweight. I knew I was heavy, of course," Liam says. "But I couldn’t believe how far things had gone. I know being overweight is bad all around, but the doctor also told me that the extra weight I was packing around would make things work less efficiently down there. Then, after I read that abdominal fat could even make my dick look smaller, I decided to change my eating habits right away."

Liam has a couple tips and tricks he uses to keep his weight down. For example, he suggests that men do the following:

- Drink a full glass of water before meals to help them feel full and eat less;

- Skip dessert, or go for healthier options like fresh fruits;

- Limit alcohol intake, especially when it comes to beer;

- Steer clear of fast food and packaged, processed food items.

"It sounds really simple, but these little steps really do add up," Liam says. "I've been amazed at how much weight I was able to lose - not to mention how much bigger my dick looks in the mirror now!"

Help for the Swimmers

In addition to changing his diet to lose weight, Liam also wanted to tackle his plate in order to improve the health of his sperm. He and his wife are trying to start a family, and that means Liam needs to do all he can to make sure the seed he shoots is as healthy as it can be.

"I've been reading a lot about zinc and folate, and how doctors think they can help make sperm cells healthier. I decided to add foods full of those elements into my diet," Liam says. "For zinc, I snack on cashews and yogurt during my mid-day breaks, and I try to eat beef at least once per week. For folate, I eat leafy greens like spinach and Brussels sprouts."

Key Vitamins for Function

In addition to boosting the health of sperm, Liam also tries to eat foods that will help his penis perform to its maximum capacity. For him, that means working on adding in foods that provide trace elements the body needs.

"I've heard that a healthy erection depends on an amino acid called arginine. I don't understand all of the chemistry, but apparently, this stuff helps the blood vessels to open up, and when they do, the blood can flow into the penis," he says. "Eating fish, beans and walnuts helps me get that."

In addition to all of these steps, which he refers to as his "penis diet," Liam doubles down on the nutrition he supplies to his little guy by using a penis health crème. Quality products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) that contain a blend of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants can play an important role in long-term penis health. Adding in a lotion like this is a smart move for men who want to stay healthy, especially since the direct application allows the nutrition to sink right into the tissues that need them. For men like Liam, a quality penile really is a good investment, and it's something he uses every day in order to augment the dietary changes he's made.

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