Penis Getting Old - Four Tell-Tale Signs

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    Jan 09, 2013
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It's easy to spot the signs of aging on a man's face. When he smiles, a vast network of wrinkles spring up where the skin was once smooth and soft. The hair on his head moves from dark to light, and some of it disappears altogether, preferring to migrate and proliferate inside of his nose or above his eyes. Few men would run to their doctors when they see these changes, as they've likely seen them on other men and they know the adjustments are simply part of the aging process. Men might be surprised to learn, however, that penis changes might also be cued by the aging process, and a few penis care tips could reduce the effects of age-related wear and tear. These are just four of the changes men might expect in their nether parts as they age, along with the steps they can take to avoid the ravages of time.

1. Shrinkage Caused by Weight Gain

Dietitians may tell men to load up on fruits and vegetables, but a hamburger with cheese followed by a dark beer might sound like a more attractive option when dinnertime rolls around. Extra calories consumed year in and year out can add up to belly fat, and this can make the penis seem smaller than it really is. It's unfair, as the penis hasn't actually changed its size at all, but it's also remarkably easy to amend. Losing just a few pounds could help men regain what appeared to be lost for good.

2. Reduced Blood Flow

A fatty diet can also lead to blocked blood vessels in the penis. Men might notice that the tip of the penis is colored deep pink rather than purple, as a smaller amount of blood is suffusing the area. Blocked blood vessels can also cause more sinister problems, as the size of the penis is determined by how much blood is reaching the penis, so men with blocked vessels might notice that their erections are smaller than they once were. Dietary changes might be quite helpful in reversing these problems, as well.

3. Firmness Difficulties

Men remain notoriously fertile well into advancing age, fathering children when they're well into enjoying their retirement packages. However, dipping hormone levels and blocked blood vessels can take a toll on a man's sexual performance. Some men have difficulty obtaining an erection at all, while others find may find it difficult to sustain. Worrying over the issue only seems to make the problem more pronounced, but there are solutions available. Pharmaceutical companies have developed an entire suite of medications that can help men with low testosterone levels, and surgical interventions and hand-held pumps can give men an additional boost their bodies don't seem able to deliver on their own.

4. Sensitivity Reductions

Rough clothing paired with rough treatment can lead to scar tissue replacing the delicate skin of the penis. This tough skin can protect the penis from future injury, but it can also insulate the penis from pleasure. Older men might feel as though they're just not as aroused by the light touches that once brought them pleasure, and it might be harder for these men to enjoy sexual activities with their partners. A moisturizing penis crème might be a helpful amendment as these men work to get their sensitivity back up to par. A penis health creme (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) contains vitamins and emollients that can nourish penis skin, allowing roughened skin to slough away while younger, fresher skin comes up to take its place. Treating the penis with respect while dressing and engaging in solo play can help men to protect the new skin that's growing.

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