Penis Care and Maintenance: 5 Things Every Man Should Know

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    Apr 17, 2013
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Penis Care and Maintenance: 5 Things Every Man Should Know Photo by John Dugan

While every man is reasonably familiar with his penis, few men are aware of how it really works or understand why proper penis care is so vital. This information is essential, however, as a guy's delicate equipment can be damaged through neglect or abuse; and some concerns men have about their packages could be easily resolved by understanding a few facts about penis health. Here are five key points any guy should know about his penis, along with some commonsense steps men can take in order to ensure their bodies are ready for the next encounter.

1. 'Use it or lose it' does apply to the penis.

The penis is made up of a network of blood vessels that must expand during an erection and contract when the action is over. Tissues like this can become brittle and inflexible if they're not put to the test from time to time, meaning that guys really should engage in sex on a regular basis, either alone or with the help of a partner. Staying active could mean the difference between satisfaction and frustration when it comes to the penis.

2. Women really don't care about penis length.

Men are known for measuring their penis size, both when erect and when flaccid, and then adding an inch or two for emphasis when they're asked to compare notes with their buddies. Women, on the other hand, don't place such value on length. In fact, in a study conducted in the Netherlands, only 1 percent of the women surveyed considered penile length "very important." Those who have been staying out of the dating pool due to size concerns might reconsider their strategies, since their deficits might not be important to anyone else.

3. When abused, the penis can break.

The penis looks soft and bendable, but the tissues do have a little rigidity to them, and when those firm parts are forced to interact with an immovable object, they can snap under the pressure. Fractures like this are typically blamed on rough, unplanned, furtive sex, when everyone is moving quickly and little forethought is given to where partners will move and how they might be hurt. Taking it slow and easy can prevent injuries like this from taking place.

4. Smoking has a direct, and negative, impact on penis health.

Modern culture would have men believe that smoking is sexy, and that guys who smoke are more likely to attract a mate when compared to guys who abstain. In reality, smoking can be devastating to penis health, causing:

  • Reduced penile blood flow, leading to erection problems
  • Increased blood pressure, which can also lead to erectile woes
  • Shrinking of the penis, as the tissues thicken due to reduced blood flow
  • Lung dysfunction, leading to nasty mid-sex coughing fits

Kicking the habit certainly isn't easy, but nicotine replacement products can reduce the sting of quitting, and men who stop the damage now may see their cells recover in time.

5. Penis sensitivity tends to decline with age.

The average penis is subject to abuse from clothes, sports and inattentive owners. The skin can roughen and toughen up with time, and all of the little sensory cells that deliver signals of pleasure to the brain can get buried by layers of keratinized tissue. Medications typically taken during middle age can also put a damper on sensitivity, as can underlying nerve and heart conditions. The loss can be devastating, but a penis nutrient creme could help. A quality product (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) contains ingredients that can soften skin and allow those buried receptors to rise to the surface once more. Other ingredients may help to increase blood flow, allowing for healthy and strong erections. With the help of products like this, sensitivity loss isn't inevitable. In fact, it might even be reversible.

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