Orgasm Issues All Climaxes Are Not Created Equal

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    Oct 22, 2013
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Orgasm Issues All Climaxes Are Not Created Equal Photo by John Dugan

An orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm, most men would say. As long as they're enjoying their time at play, and as long as they're not harming the skin of the Johnson in the process, every climb to the summit is really the same, in terms of overall penis health and mental health benefits, right? Experts disagree. In fact, modern research suggests that partnered sex has benefits that solo activities just can't match.

Intimate Acts

Partnered sex is more than mere thrusting and heaving. Typically, unless money has been exchanged, the two participants spend at least a little time hugging, kissing and murmuring to one another. Even when the sex is perfunctory and quick, the partners share the heat of their skin.

The human brain is designed to respond to this kind of physical closeness. Usually, when it takes place, the brain releases chemicals that tell the person that safety is at hand and that it's time to relax. These little chemical signals can help a person to feel safe and secure, and typically, they're associated with a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate. These chemicals also play a role in anxiety reduction.

Most masturbation sessions don't involve contact with the skin of another person. The touch is still present, and the pleasure might still be in play, but there's no set of eyes to gaze into, no mouth to murmur sweet nothings and no skin to give off heat. As a result, there may be no soothing chemicals released by the brain. The physical part works, but the mental part might be missing.

Harsh Techniques

In addition, much of the movement used in a typical masturbation session isn't really healthy for the penis. Even the words used to describe a masturbation session sound painful:

  • Jerking
  • Wanking
  • Fapping
  • Spanking

While partnered sex can sometimes be zesty and full of all sorts of grunts and moans, it can also be a soft and moving experience that takes a longer time to complete. The orgasm that comes at the end of a session like this tends to be more intense, as the brain has a longer time to anticipate the reward and the body has vital moments needed in order to prepare. But a soft and soothing sex session can also just be better for the health of the penis, as it's not likely to end in either injury or chafing. The sex might be more intense, and it might also be healthier.

Using Balance

While partnered sex and the orgasms it can bring can be a little better for a man's physical and mental health, this kind of activity isn't always possible. Partners can sometimes be physically separated due to the demands of work or school, and they can be emotionally separated due to familial demands or other pressures. Sometimes, too, people just don't feel the urge to get busy with their partners, and they prefer the idea of going it alone for a time.

Male masturbation sessions can certainly be fun and healthy. They can release pent-up tension and allow a man to clear his mind for either work or sleep. They can also help a man to understand how his own body works and what feels good to him, so he'll be able to direct his partner with mastery and engage in sex that's both pleasurable and remarkably efficient.

However, men who masturbate frequently simply must take steps to protect the skin that covers the penis. All of that friction can strip away vital moisture, and the jerking movements can leave tissues feeling just abraded. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a must for healing. These products can nourish and soften skin cells put to the test, while supporting the health and function of the nerves that make pleasure possible. For men who simply must engage in a little spanking from time to time, a penis health creme can make the damage a little less palpable, so the unit's ready to go when partner play time comes around once more.

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