Nine Penis Vitamins - Get a Healthier Penis with this Nutrient Powerhouse

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    Oct 08, 2013
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Nine Penis Vitamins - Get a Healthier Penis with this Nutrient Powerhouse Photo by John Dugan

In the ongoing quest to have sex, most men search for ways to increase the length or width of their penis, and may even go to the extreme of getting surgery to do so, though often for minimal results. What most men seem to forget is that the health of the penis is far more important than the size. A larger penis that functions less than adequately isn’t doing anybody any favors, whereas an average size penis that is in tip-top condition is all a man really needs. As the old saying goes, it’s not the size of the ship, but the motion on the ocean. Luckily, a man need not take extreme measures to keep the penis healthy, all it takes is 9 all-natural nutrients to get his schooner in sea-worthy shape.

The Big 9 Penis Nutrients

To keep the penis running smoothly all day - and night - long, a man doesn’t need to chase after pipe dreams, exercise fads or other gimmicks. Instead, he should just turn to nature to seek out nutrients that pack a powerful punch in the penis department.

1) Acetyl L Carnitine: Although Acetyl L Carnitine is not a vitamin with a household name- which is no surprise as it is hard to pronounce - it is one of the most powerful penis health nutrients out there. ALCAR, for short, helps protect the penis from peripheral nerve damage that naturally occurs as a factor of aging. This nerve damage gradually desensitizes the penis and can really slow down the love life; after all, it is more difficult for a man to get hard if he has decreased sensation.

2) Alpha Lipoic Acid: Another tongue twister of a name, Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that fights cancer causing free radicals - including those that cause penile and prostate cancer. Free radicals are also largely responsible for premature aging and wrinkling of the skin, but a healthy dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid can help the penis maintain a youthful look.

3) L-Arginine: L-Arginine is a potent nutrient that helps improve oxygenation and circulation to the penis tissue. It works in the body to repair the tiniest of blood vessels and capillaries to ensure blood keeps pumping to the penis. It is essential for good penis health as blood is the key component to a rock hard erection.

4) Shea Butter: The facial cream industry has long known the moisturizing benefits of Shea butter - it works wonders at deeply hydrating the skin and keeping it supple and elastic. The properties of Shea butter are specially suited to keeping the delicate penis skin healthy and smooth.

5) Vitamin A: Vitamin A is integral to keeping the penis healthy given its strong antibacterial properties. Yeast, bacteria and germs thrive in the veritable sauna that is a man’s nether regions. Not only does too much bacteria increase the chance of infection it can also lead to penis odor. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter about the size -- or skill -- of a man’s penis a bad case of the funky junk can scare off a potential partner long before they reach the booty town exit.

6) Vitamin B5: A nice dose of vitamin B5 can increase a man’s energy level and vitality, and the penis happily reaps the same benefits from this vitamin. Vitamin B5 improves cell metabolism and keeps the penis functioning at maximum capacity.

7) Vitamin C: Not just for a runny nose anymore, vitamin C boosts the production of collagen in the penis tissue, which in turn, increases erectile firmness. Anybody for orange juice?

8) Vitamin D: Sure, everyone knows vitamin D is good for bones, but who knew it is also good for boners? Vitamin D helps fight disease and improves the functioning of the penis on a cellular level. Sure does a body good.

9) Vitamin E: Vitamin E is another skin hydrating nutrient that heals red, cracking and itchy penis skin. When applied topically, it sooths irritated skin and keeps the penis skin supple with regular use.

Concentrating the Big 9

Perhaps the best way to ensure the penis receives maximum benefits from the Big 9 penis nutrients is to use a penis vitamin formula that combines all of them in one daily topical formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). By applying the nutrients directly on the penis skin, they can be absorbed quickly and efficiently. Gently massage the lotion on the penis every day to enjoy lifelong penis health and wellness.

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