Keeping Penis Pain at Bay with Post-sex Hygiene

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    Nov 05, 2013
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Keeping Penis Pain at Bay with Post-sex Hygiene Photo by John Dugan

When the bumping and grinding is over, and a feeling of safety and relaxation begins to set in, the last thing an amorous couple wants to do is hop up, get into the shower and rinse off. In fact, it's safe to say that the majority of people in this situation would prefer to simply roll over and settle into a deep sleep. Unfortunately, men that skip the post-coital wash could wake up with a sore penis in the morning, creating a desperate need for intensive penis health care. Here's what's going on, and how it can be prevented.

Swapping Germs

Two partners in a game of slap and tickle tend to trade bodily fluids with one another. Even if one partner is wearing a bit of barrier protection, germs can make their way from one body to another in moments of intimate exposure. Some fluids can also slop above or under barrier protection, especially when the action is particularly athletic. Fluid movement is just part of the sex experience.

Sometimes, those fluids harbor small bacteria that can erupt into a yeast infection in the other partner. This is particularly common when women have mild yeast infections they've not been treating. A male partner inhabiting that infected space for a few moments could emerge with all the ingredients needed for a case of serious penile soreness. His partner might not know anything is amiss with her body, but the man might certainly feel the pain in the days that follow his visit.

While most of these infections stay on the head of the penis, producing soreness and redness, some infections burrow into the body and take root in the bladder or the prostate. While this situation is admittedly rare, and it's most common in men who have an underlying health problem like diabetes, those who do develop infections after sex can attest that the symptoms are simply awful, and it's beneficial to skip the pain if at all possible.

Local Reactions

Some post-sex cases of penile soreness have nothing to do with the chemical makeup of the partner. Instead, these sore penis issues have their roots in the substances men use in order to prepare for sex, including:

  • Lubricants
  • Spermicides
  • Condoms
  • Deodorant sprays

All of these products have long chemical ingredient lists, and any of these elements could trigger an inflammation attack in a susceptible man. At one moment, his penis might seem perfectly protected and happy. The next moment, his vital parts might be aflame with pain and red as a beet. The longer those ingredients stay on his skin, the more likely they are to cause a severe reaction.

Simple Solutions

Sometimes, the best solutions are also the easiest to complete. For men with post-sex penis pain, a shower might be the best prevention tool available to avoid these issues:

  • Rinsing off after sex means washing all lubricants and additives off of the skin, reducing their ability to dig in and cause inflammation. Very sensitive men might still react to even a short period of contact with these elements, of course, but those who rinse may reduce the severity of their reactions.
  • Similarly, keeping tissues clean often means giving bacteria fewer infectious opportunities. Yeast-based cells might have less to feed on, when the area is clean, and colonies of critters won't grow to such a size that they have the opportunity to invade the inside of the body.
  • Adding a penis health creme to a post-sex shower might also be beneficial. These products can keep penile skin soft and smooth, so cracks and fissures that harbor bacteria and irritants don't have a chance to form. These products also contain vitamins that can keep penile flora in check, so the immune system can do its job properly.

Showering and using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could help men stay healthy for the next bout of sex, and it only takes a few moments to complete. When the cleansing is through, the clean couple can nap in peace, knowing no sore penis will come between them when they awaken.

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