Focusing on Low Penis Sensitivity How it May Make the Problem Worse

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    Sep 03, 2013
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Focusing on Low Penis Sensitivity How it May Make the Problem Worse Photo by John Dugan

Men with low penis sensitivity rates may awaken each morning with the same question thrumming in their minds: "Is it better today?" As the day goes on, they may sneak away from business meetings, family gatherings and other social opportunities in order to drop trou and check out their equipment. If these solo encounters are a regular part of each day, men may become so focused on issues of sensitivity and feeling that they forget to enjoy the moment. While this behavior is understandable, as a lack of feeling in a vital part of the body really can be devastating, it might also be harmful in terms of penis health. In fact, it could make penis sensitivity problems so much worse.

The Mind/Body Connection

All of the nerve cells that line a man's power tool are designed to communicate directly with the pleasure centers of the brain. Each little touch should bring a man a zing of pleasure that travels from his center to the top of his head, dictating how he should respond. It's these nervous cells that tend to cause a sensitivity problem, as they can malfunction due to age or aggressive masturbation techniques. But the connection between the brain and the penis doesn't end with nerve cells.

The brain also has a huge role to play during a sexual encounter, as the neural cells can take note of:

  • Visual delights
  • Emotional responses
  • Distant memories an act might trigger
  • Touches to other parts of the body

Men who focus exclusively on the things their penile cells can or can't feel are, in essence, blocking their brain cells from focusing on anything else. All of that sensory-, memory- and emotion-based pleasure then becomes inaccessible, further contributing to a man's misery.

Changing the Narrative

Sexual encounters shouldn't be goal-oriented endeavors that begin and end in a certain way each time. There's joy to be had in the journey, and focusing on all of the little steps that lead to pleasure could be key to helping a man find his way back to sexual release. Focusing on the things his body can do and the things he can enjoy can allow him to relax and really feel the sensations his partner is trying to transmit.

Adding talk to sex can sometimes be helpful, as the technique can help men to focus their attention on things that are happening in the moment, not the things that they wish would happen in the future. Naming a partner's beautiful body parts, or describing how an act feels in detail, could be a great way to wipe worries of sensitivity away.

As a man retrains his mind, there's no harm in continuing to work on the loss of sensitivity issue itself, and a penis health creme could be vital here. Quality products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) contain vitamins and minerals that healing nerve cells need in order to communicate effectively. The products can also soften and remove any scarred skin tissue that can block the efficacy of nerve cells. These products may take time to work, however, as they rebuild at the cellular level. Instead of working with a flash and a bang and then disappearing altogether, a penis health creme heals from the inside out, and those reactions just take time to complete. Men may experience a slow return in their sensations, and paired with their mental refocusing, they may find that they can feel everything that sex has to offer. Waking up no longer means facing tough questions for these men; instead, waking up means getting ready for yet another day of enjoying the intense pleasure to be had from a well-nourished and healthy penis.

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