Banish Fishy Penis Odor Naturally Quick Tips for a Fresher Manhood

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    Jun 21, 2013
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Banish Fishy Penis Odor Naturally Quick Tips for a Fresher Manhood Photo by John Dugan

One of the most common complaints about the male equipment - from both men and women alike - is the presence of an unpleasant, fishy penis odor that just won’t seem to go away, no matter how often a guy washes.

The good news is that the cause of the funk may be related to an easily treatable health issue, rather than a permanent problem, and with the right attention to penis care, most men can banish foul odors for good.

Some probable causes of a smelly penis are described here:

1. Smegma - This refers to the accumulation of unpleasant-smelling material, made up of shed skin cells, body oils, and other substances, that can be found underneath the foreskin. This pasty substance is a haven for bacteria, which tend to thrive and reproduce in warm, moist areas like this, perpetuating the foul odor. Cleaning this material away on a daily basis can help control the fishy smell, not to mention decrease the risk for inflammation, soreness and damaged skin; on the other hand, men should wash gently, never forcing back the sheath to get at it.

2. Yeast infection - Men are just as likely as women to develop a Candida yeast infection in the warm, dark pelvic reason, and this is another common cause of stubborn, fishy penis odors. A yeast infection is characterized by itching, swelling, redness, and a cheesy discharge in addition to the smell. Topical antifungal medications can be effective in clearing up a yeast infection; men who are affected should ask their partners to get treated, as well, to prevent passing the infection back and forth.

3. Urinary tract infection - A UTI can result in foul-smelling urine, which may spill out onto the penile skin itself and cause penis odor. Antibiotics are generally needed to clear up a UTI; the smell should be resolved within a day or so. Symptoms to look out for here include painful urination, frequency, and a sense that the bladder is not empty even directly after urinating.

4. Bacterial infection - Men who have partners with a vaginal bacterial infection may become infected themselves or may simply experience a transfer of the associated fishy smell. When vaginosis is suspected, both partners should be treated, and washing carefully in the interim should help to eliminate odors on the surface of the skin.

Tips for eliminating unpleasant penis odor

To completely banish an embarrassing, fishy stink emanating from the genital area, men should follow these three steps:

1. Wash the area at least once a day. Men who are uncircumcised should pay special attention to the area under the foreskin, pulling it back gently and wiping away any built-up tissue. The skin should then be allowed to dry thoroughly before replacing the foreskin, as leaving dampness behind can attract organisms like yeast and bacteria. Once the area is clean and dry, the foreskin should be replaced; leaving it retracted can cause further problems.

2. Treat the underlying health condition. Men who have symptoms of a yeast infection or UTI, or who have been in contact with a partner affected by trichomoniasis or other bacterial infection, should see a doctor for treatment.

3. Treat the penis skin with an antibacterial penis cream. A targeted penis health cream (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamin A works as a natural antibacterial. Vitamin A creams are often effective in eliminating harmless, but smelly bacteria that can be a leading cause of that fishy penile stench. As an added bonus, high-quality moisturizing creams can leave the penis skin feeling soft, smooth and supple, not to mention responsive to tactile stimulation.

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