A Penis Pimple Quiz for the Afflicted Manhood Tools for Clearing the Intimate Skin

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    Jul 30, 2014
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A Penis Pimple Quiz for the Afflicted Manhood Tools for Clearing the Intimate Skin Photo by John Dugan

Penis pimple panic sounds like an alliterative nightmare, but it is actual a real issue. Men who erupt in pimples, bumps or cysts down below may be frightened, worried or even angry; often, they have no idea what these bumps are, whether they are related to an infection contracted from a questionable partner, and what type of penis care is required to get rid of them.

This quiz may help. First off, it provides men with the opportunity to learn more about what penis pimples are and how they can be treated. Secondly, working on this puzzle might help men to make better choices about their daily penile care.

Here's how it works. Each question is either true or false, and the answers are listed a little lower on the page.

The Questions

1) Simple penis pimples are contagious. Men can catch them from their female partners, if these women have pimples on their intimate bits.

2) Seeing a doctor isn't necessary if the problem is obviously a pimple.

3) Penis pimples should never be squeezed or popped. Doing that could lead to even bigger problems, like infections and scarring.

4) Using strong soaps and a scrub brush is ideal for men who have penis pimples to ensure that their skin is clean.

5) Washing up every day with warm water should be enough to keep pimples away.

6) Water is best used on the surface of the skin. Drinking it does nothing.

7) Men with penis pimples shouldn't use any kind of lotion on the skin. It's too risky.

The Answers

1) False. If the bumps a man sees down below really are pimples (blocked pores that have become infected), there's no real link to sexual contact. Just as pimples on a man's face don't immediately appear on a partner's face after a kiss, pimples on the penis don't come directly from the pimples on the body of another.

2) False. There are all sorts of conditions that look a lot like penis pimples, and sometimes, men who guess at their diagnosis make big mistakes. They may assume they have herpes, for example, or they might brush off a cancerous lesion as a simple pimple. That's why a doctor should always get involved.

3) True. While squeezing a penis pimple releases the pus that has built up inside, the pressure can cause damage to the pore that can cause scarring. Plus, popping some pimples means pushing hard, and that could drive some of the built-up material deeper into the dermal tissue, increasing the risk of infection.

4) False. Penile tissues are incredibly sensitive. That's why sex feels so great. Attacking those tissues with harsh soaps and scrub brushes can irritate this delicate tissue, causing sore, red, inflamed skin. Enough of this mistreatment can even lead to loss of sensation, and it could take a long time to heal from that damage. Also, using harsh cleansers means stripping away the skin's natural oils, which could lead to even more pimples.

5) True. A washing with warm water, which most guys can handle during their daily shower, is the best approach to cleansing the penile skin.

6) False. Hydration is key in keeping penis pimples away. As water moves through the cells, it helps to push bacteria out. Water is also good for the overall health of the immune system. That's why men who have penis pimples should be sure to drink a lot of water, each and every day.

7) Both true and false. On the one hand, the creams and medications that are designed to clear up acne pimples on the face and other parts of the body are much too harsh for the penile skin. These lotions contain chemicals that are extremely drying and may even burn the more delicate tissue below the belt.

On the other hand, there are some intimate lotions that are vital for penis health and can help combat pimples and other skin imperfections safely. For instance, a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing ingredients such as vitamins E, A, C and D can experience a significant improvement in the look, feel and overall condition of their penile skin. Crèmes like this should not be applied to broken skin, but when used as directed, they can be an important part of a daily penis care routine.

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