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    Nov 08, 2012
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To those who have partners, snoring is a source of frustration between the couple, more so when their rest is disrupted by the problem. It is important to understand that those who experience this dilemma mostly have large tissues in their throats and mouths. Snoring may also be brought about by deep relaxation of the tissues in the similar areas. However, this too may be a tell-tale sign that the person may have sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder that should not be taken lightly considering the abnormal pauses in breathing that occur.

Serious Consequences

While most may not take the matter seriously, people should in fact be more cautious about this sleep disorder. There are several grave consequences, some even fatal, when it is left untreated. Among the issues that should be looked into are heart diseases including its failure and attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, heartburn and reflux as well as sudden death.  For children with similar problems, they may have stunted growth, hyperactivity and decrease in intelligence. Thus, seeking sleep apnea solutions is a must in order to avoid any untoward outcome.

Opting for Behavioral Changes

There are many remedies available. Nevertheless, not all good treatments can be accessed through medical intervention. Most are achieved by going through several changes to address the snoring problem as well as sleep apnea. Health experts suggest that one of the most effective ways to lessen the difficulty among obese individuals is by losing weight. It has been shown that there is a reliable correlation between sleep apnea and obesity. Thus, dropping off even ten per cent (10%) of the weight could help alleviate the problem. 

Another way is to avoid sleeping pills, other forms of sedatives, nicotine and alcohol for at least four hours prior to sleeping. These substances could cause relaxation in the breathing muscles and could lead to blocking of the airways. Plus, it would also help a great deal to change sleeping position to promote better breathing.

Other Natural Treatments

There are also other options that people may turn to for sleep apnea treatments. This includes having acupuncture. A study published in 2009 revealed that after thirty sessions, there was a considerable improvement with regard to the problem. Another option is to have regular exercise to promote proper breathing. There are also a number of herbal remedies like Passion flower, Valerian, and Lachesis that one may take. Finally, you may also have nasal sprays to keep your passages open.

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